Second shield recharge delay

What does the second shield recharge delay do? And don’t mean normal shield recharge delay.

Did you mean shield recharge rate? If that’s the case, it’s just how fast your shield goes up when it’s refilling.


I know what you’re getting at, OP as the way it is worded implies it is acting on some sort of secondary shield.

It is not.

This messed with my head for a bit back in the day as well!

It simply reduces the delay between when your shield is broken and when it starts to recharge.

For example, -1.5 second shield recharge relay means that your shield will start to recharge 1.5 seconds sooner than it normally would after being broken.

Personally, I think they should just replace the full word “second” with just a lowercase “s” after the numerical time value.


Wait, really?

You mean it reduces the total length of time your shield takes to recharge from zero back to full?

Recharge rate is what does that by increasing the charge rate

…You may best understand this if you played BL2.
Remember waiting, hiding, as your shield began to charge once it was depleted?

I wondered about this too. Does it apply only to characters with two shields, like Boldur, and, if so, which of his shields is his second shield? Hope we both get an answer.

Your main shield, not your OS.
The time from depletion to the time it begins to charge again.

I was assuming he meant rate, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Anyone have reference for this “second” recharge delay because now I’m curious. Unless it’s just referring to the time measurement used to calculate when your shield starts to refill. If that’s it then they might’ve just goofed on dem wurdz.

So if I equip an item with a -1.05 recharge delay, the shield that Boldur carries will begin to recharge 1.05 faster?

Ok no everyone it’s just really awkwardly worded!

There is no “second” shield.

It removes a certain number of seconds from the time when your shield is broken
to when it begins to recharge.

I am like 97 percent sure of this!

Ninjad by @FlamesForAll

So, I thought long about this and I came up with this: Could it be a mistunderstood gear-description?


It is “-1.05 seconds Shield Recharge Delay” but it can be read as “-1.05 Second Shield Recharge Delay”

There is no second blue shieldbar. It´s just easy to missunderstand.
(And I´m very sure the usual shieldbar has nothing to do with Boldurs & Gals shields.)

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Yes yes a thousand times yes read my post directly above yours, we simul-posted!

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I had actually already said exactly this in the 3rd post in this thread lol…

Oh…uhm… three times is the charm :heart:

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Thanks to everyone for clearing this up. I always thought it was weird to have gear that only applied to a few of the characters.

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gets overwhelmed with knowledge-bots




Ye i think it’s just misspelled, i first thought it would help to recharge boldur’s ekkunar greatshield faster, but i think it’s just a misleading description.

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