Secondary Gear Passive - while shields depleted has a proc issue

I ran a number of gear proc tests in order to understand the gear system. My curiosity was to understand how gear affects Eldred faction characters who do not have shields by default. I discovered that the ‘while shields depleted’ secondary gear skill had an issue

I used the following setup for all the tests:

  • Gear Piece 1: Add X to Max Shields
  • Gear Piece 2: Add X to Max Shields after building a buildable
  • Gear Piece 3: Reduce the cost of buildables while shields are depleted
  • Use Miko
  • Private Incursion including myself and 4 bots on my team + 1 bot on the opposing team (so I could just run around and collect crystals)
  • I collected 3k crystals then pushed against the 2nd enemy sentinal from the top central platform - that way I could take damage, turn around and heal + evaluate my gear procs against those buildables

Here were my test failures:

A: Buildables are not cheaper after loosing temporary shields (both loss via damage and via expiration) - Gear Pieces 2 & 3 being active

B: Buildables are not cheaper after loosing gear-based max shields (after loss due to damage) - Gear Pieces 1 & 3 being active

So, my questions are thus:

  1. Is there a difference between temporary shielding and permanant shielding?
  2. Is there a difference between character base shielding and gear-augmented shielding?

I expected both the temporary and permanent (gear augmented) shielding to proc the buildable cost reduction, but it did not do so. I’m not sure if that’s because the UI text that rotates around the buildable was not informed of the discounted price or if the gear-based shielding just doesn’t proc the ‘while shields are depleted’ condition, but I thought I’d let you guys know it’s not working as expected.

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Good question, great testing.