Secondary mission missing

I’m trying to get the trophy “À La Carte” for completing all side missions, I found a guide and a list but for exemple one of the first missions in pandora (under taker) given by Vaughn don’t appear. Anybody know if is a bug?

From memory, that crops up pretty early after rescuing Vaughn. I think you can trigger it by going close enough to the area where the Undertaker spawns?

Nope. No mission and no Under Taker. Thank u Gearbox… I’ve waited two years to play this game and there are still tons of bugs.

You need to grab that missions near that psycho with tinfoil hat.

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I KNOW! But there isn’t yellow exclamation mark with this mission!!!

You mean on map? Just go to that place, not all missions are marked on map.

I went there maybe ten times… restart the game, trying not using fast travel, etc… no mission.