Secret change in loot system?

Hey guys,

I think i found a hid3n change in the loot system. Atm I am in splitscreen with my second controller. Fl4k is 52 and Zane is 20. I play on coorporation. So now of loot drops (Im only checking legendaries) each single time legendaries drop they are exact the same for both characters. If a maggie drops with 15% damage I get 2. One is level 50 and the other is 20. If 4 legendaries drop I get the exact for legendaries. R level 50 and 4 Level 20. Only the artifacts drop with diffrent stats. Well Kind of… If the 50 one has 40% mag size the Level 20 one has 20%. The stats are the same only the value is a bit diffrent.

This was not the case before or am I wrong?


It happens to me sometimes for a while … then stops … then starts. Not sure of underlying cause.

There are certain enemies who seem to drop the same stuff dispite instincing. Almost as if the values it selects for loot drops are broad within a session. Loot Ghosts had this problem during Bloody Harvest aswell. I think the Agonizer was dropping mirrored loot for us back then aswell, off the top of my head I can’t think of the others we experienced this repeatedly on but it definitely is a thing that has been around for a while.

As to how widespread or often it happens well no clue on that one.

This happens to me in the takedown as well, But only from what Wotan drops. I’ve always played with a splitscreener and as mentioned above, the loot ghosts always dropped the same items for both my characters as well. I hope this isn’t a permanent thing because I like the double chances of legendaries despite all the problems with playing with a splitscreener.


This happens if you run split screen in the takedown too.