Secret/Easter Egg Hunting Time! (SPOILERS)

It might be something for a planned DLC.

I am referenced in the game also! I happen to have a great chili recipe that will die with me!


I’m just starting my journey down the rabbit hole. =)

I will report my findings post-haste. (Haha…get it…post…haste…)

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What about the box art guy? Did anyone spot him at any point in the game? Potentially a DLC bad guy that takes over from the God Queen and King since they unfortunately passed away?

No, although there is that COV radio announcer that we never meet… Rotgut or something similiar.

Edit: Or Rakkbox?

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Also may be of no relevance but some of the ClapSl4p boxes have a binary code that translates to the letter D on them.

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Just found this in the Neon Arterial location just as you end the driving section and get to the train station. Presumably this is some developer easter egg either to someone in the development team or someone they know.EHHzJIBXYAAcJsV

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I guess it belongs to Tiny Tina.

Also there are closed door in Jacobs Estate right before the theater where we fight Billy The Anointed. The door are cover with two boards and when you are close you can see padlock ikon.
I don’t remeber, is it part of the side-mission or potential secret room?

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What is this a reference to? Seems Easter Eggy like, 3 Tinks wearing skulls around a campfire with what looks like their hearts pulled out of their chests and in their hands.EHQRPNeWkAAlYQJ


Yeah I just got to that point in TVHM and have spent some good time trying to get in.

I tried…

  1. Shooting the boards (with no elements, a jakobs, all elements)
  2. Melee the boards
  3. Grenade the boards (Also trying to open and throw a nade through as it opens a crack)
  4. Sliding into it
  5. Trying to find another way in (looks like it opens from the inside possibly)
  6. Changed the speed on all the music players in the estate to slow, there are also some outside of the building itself so I probably missed some.
  7. Interacted with every interactable known to man inside the estate and discovered that there are hidden safes behind pictures and that some statues have buttons which are also connected to a bookcase in the Archive room.
  8. Turned EVERY single music player OFF and believe me I looked for them all but no joy still…

And I have come up empty…

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Not sure if this is a bug or an actual thing, probably Marcus’s bus but when starting TVHM after resetting missions and skipping cutscene, this is on the map of Covenant Pass! Going to the edge of the map to investigate further!Mystery%20Vehicles%20Covenant%20Pass

EDIT: Can’t see the vehicles they appear to hidden behind a nearby rock formation blocking that vision but there is this area way outside the playable area, could be bones sticking out or an arena type thing, definitely some built up area there. Usually there is nothing outside the playable area if I am remembering correctly or maybe I just had never noticed.


I completely forgot to add a possible Easter Egg I found on my first playthrough.

In Tazendeer Ruins at the outlook with the waterfall, where a Typhon Log is located (quite similiar to the place you fight BNK3R). There is a rowboat with a mannequin head (like the head customization) in it which has long devil horns.

I have no idea what this alludes to but it kinda reminds me of Fable.

It’s from God of War (2018).

@GrzesPL Thanks, is it alluding to a special god or event?

In the game you are using boat to travel through Lake of Nine with the Mimir’s head.

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I wanted to chime in on this because I haven’t seen it mentioned… after you drop the generator but before you flip the switch to send it to the truck, the console with 4 red lights to the right of the abovementioned turn green and can be interacted with. Each of those buttons electrifies the wires leading to the generator in combinations similar to the 4 buttons on the panel. It produces similar sounds as well. I’ve heard it mentioned that this is a red herring but if you look above there appears to be a generator fully charged above the one you load into the truck. Perhaps when solved this drops eridium onto the platform below or something? I highly doubt these interactions would occur if there wasn’t a solution.

I suppose its possible this quest was more complicated in a previous iteration and these interactions were just left in after it was “fixed”.

Edit: After putting the generator into the truck all the wires electrify and the console buttons lock again which leads me to believe that this is just a red herring unless something happens only during that particular phase of the quest.

I am actually thinking of renaming the pet “BOI” Fl4k resembles Kratos for me, lol.


i remember randy pitchford saying wait until you see moxxi’s bar it’s gonna be amazing but unless he was talking about the loot box and eridium machines it’s ok not amazing unless there is something behind the door to the left as you enter

Yeah the most amazing thing about it is Moxxi tbh, the next most amazing thing is the new slot machines, other than that…

As much as I’m enjoying the hunt for secrets I just wish they would hurry up and fix the split screen lag on Xbox one it’s driving me and my partner nuts I emailed 2k yesterday and there response was they are working on it, sorry it’s a bit off topic