Secret/Easter Egg Hunting Time! (SPOILERS)

The only three rings I know of off the top of my head are involved with the little girls birthday part mission for Mordecai. Someone later on down in the thread had a theory that maybe it was involved, or the gun that you get from that. I agree with what they said but also that whole area reminds me of the are you drop down from to get into the Terramorphus area.

Hi! If you go down to Ellie and look up the seeling you find a blueprint didn’t figure it out yet but might be helpfull

In Atlas HQ you can come across a rare spawn that has a Power Ranger reference. Don’t go inside the building but go all the way over to the left of the stairs and he spawns there. If you kill him he spawns the other Power Ranger colors guys.

Ok, I have postponed this long enough.

Just before the courtyard to Atlas HQ (still in Meridian Metroplex) there is one of those big Maliwan containers, this one has a bright green glowing door and is the only one in the whole game that you can actually open. There is nothing in there.

What’s the deal with this?

I wanted to post this months ago but thought maybe it’s just one of those random Eridium chest locations but in all my runs it’s always just empty.


Thanks, nice Easter Eggs

These are probably well-known but here are a few little easter eggs that made me happy (no images sorry as idk how to upload them from the PS4):

In the Moxxi DLC in the Impound Deluxe map, near the red black hole there is what looks like the ship from Interstellar.

In the area where Wick and Warty spawn in Lectra City, you can see Pickle Rick coming out of a drain/grate.

And in Athenas, towards the beginning (after you’ve fought some enemies), there’s a little area with graves (it isn’t the big graveyard, it’s earlier in the level in one of the first few areas). If you smash one of these gravestones a ghost appears. Later edit: I’m not sure if it’s actually just any random grave thoughout the level as I’m pretty sure it popped out of a gravestone from the main graveyard last time I tried.

I love that I’ve played through the story so many times and I’m still seeing stuff I hadn’t noticed before. :slight_smile:


Sorry for double-posting, I’m kinda addicted to trying to find easter eggs lately and not sure where else to post them.

So in Athenas there are graffiti hands dotted around the map, I counted four altogether. Most of them light up when you melee them and some of them are really difficult to get to. The last one I saw, on the wall just as you jump into the Traunt arena, doesn’t seem to light up. I missed it on the way down to Traunt and kept trying afterwards to no avail.

Maybe it has to be done in the story or before you fight Traunt? Or maybe it just doesn’t do anything. :confused:

Editing to add that they look like this:


It’s part of a mission for ellie i believe. You have to shoot a target opposite the door hanging under a hut. There’s a mission item in the safe.

Those have been commented on by the devs. They are put there by developers as fun things for friends/family. I believe those things in Athenas were for someones children iirc.

Do you remember how you discovered it? I’ve searched for the source but I’ve come up empty-handed :confused:

It was on one of the Borderlands shows on twitch/youtube.


Oh gosh, it’s gonna be a long search :sweat_smile:

Yeah I wish I could remember which one it was, sorry.

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I saw them talking about some easter eggs being added for their children (in the most recent episode of the Borderlands Show) but I think they were talking about the yellow letters hidden around Pandora. I haven’t seen any mention of the Athenas graffiti hands myself.


It wasn’t in the latest one it was in one of the earlier ones.

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Oh don’t worry, actually thank you for the advice! I’ll start looking through them again tomorrow.

The bit I saw was here at around 01:16:42:

The letters are a cool easter egg and I had fun trying to find them all, you can’t interact with them in any way though. The graffiti hands do light up when you melee them though apart from that last one before Traunt so it seems like they might do something? Or it might just be something that’s unfinished.

If anyone does find the video with the developers talking about the hands please let me know! I’ve watched them all and can’t remember that bit. I didn’t even notice the hands before seeing that reddit thread and I’ve played through the story at least ten times now lol. Like I said in my earlier post I love that there’s still stuff I hadn’t seen. :slight_smile:

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I just uploaded a little clip about it to bring more attention to the subject/give a little more context.

So, I’ve finished listening once again to all 5 episodes of the Borderlands Show, and they never mentioned the Athenas graffiti, unfortunately.


@an_arbitrary_firefly Yep, that’s the one and thank you for mentioning me in your video description I feel honored :blush:

I was already wondering because that was the first thing I tried and I never saw a ghost or anything. Not that I doubt you but just for clarity what exactly do you mean by ghost? Like a ghost Athenas monk or one like the Halloween event ones?