Secret Enemy Spawn

Just found out about this secret enemy Dan Zando…? Is he a rare spawn ? Watched a video and saw a couple skins drop. Does he drop Legendary’s?
Didn’t think I am allowed to post youtube links.

I never even heard of him

I remember hearing about him a while ago, but only once.
I think he likes to drop skins, but don’t take my word for it.

He is a rare spawn in Veins of Helios, after getting a high score/easter egg in a side mission.
Saw 2 different kills and saw skins drop
edit. Complete don’t get cocky , Quarantine , Lazlo missions. Must get a high score in the one turret mission, then he spawns (5-6 times) in several different areas in Veins of Helios. Just don’t kill him and save and quit. Go search around map for more spawns

Never heard of him. Im interested now i have to go check this out. Just watched a video on youtube. Thats awesome never knew he existed. Thanks for making this topic. Now im going to farm him.

sweet. i had no clue, never go back there after the missions lol.

There shouldn’t be any problems with posting a youtube link, unless the content breaks forum rules (like, if for example, you can see the player actively cheating)

I thought we couldn’t post videos by certain people due to their channels having datemined stuff on them (even if the video in question is clean).

Has anybody watched the video?
Well here it is . I don’t think it’s against the rules if so , please remove link

My Aurelia unlocked him… purely by luck… so that is how you do it, but as soon as I did, i swear he spawned like 3 times in a row in 3 different spots in the veins of helios in the same playthrough right after.

I believe this is another Star Wars easter egg just like the mission that spawns him “Don’t Get Cocky”. His name is Dan Zando, his first name is pretty close to Han and his last name ends with o. The mission “Don’t Get Cocky” is like the part in Star Wars where they are fleeing and Han and Luke hop on the guns and Luke gets all excited when he gets one and Han tells him not to get cocky.

I’m pretty sure this refers to Han Solo and Lando Calrissian, famous owners of the Millenium Falcon, and I’m sure they both said “Don’t get cocky”, Han in “SW A New Hope” and Lando in “SW Return of the Jedi”…

Oh I forgot about Lando saying that as well, good catch there. Didn’t even think of Zando being like Lando until you just mentioned it.

YES , Never new about this reference… But you are right.
Question for the people who spawned him. Do you need a high score, for him to spawn?