Secret Nerf to the Shlooter

I see nothing was announced in the hotfix notes, so could someone please explain to me why the Shlooter was nerfed?
And I’m not talking about a tiny nerf, I’m talking about a 1,000% nerf to the point where it simply does not work anymore, it’s completely broken

Some of you will say, duh, did you not know that the Shlooter was nerfed from 10,000 % Legendary drop rate down to only 1,000% drop rate increase for legendaries

Ummm I’m 1 step ahead of you all lol. I know that, I’m talking about it’s CURRENT state of 1,000%

Went and did 6 rounds of Slaughter Shaft, on mayhem 4 with Shlooter equipped, and only 1 legendary. Is this some sort of sick joke?, 1 legendary???
Yes I made sure to quickly kill enemies in quick succession to make sure the Shlooter’s effect is proc’d within the 12 second limit, yes I saw the green hazy thing on both sides of my visual periphery which proves that Shlooter was activated. I used Iron Bear to make sure I was killing everything 1 after the other to make sure shlooter is always active

Was disgusted at this nerf so I thought it could just be slaughter shaft, so I went to Athena’s and did a killing spree there as well, same result, but this time after 6 minutes there wasn’t even 1 legendary to drop
Same result with killing skags on Pandora

Now if the shlooter is supposed to boost the drop rate for legendaries 1000% then if by using it, you don’t get ANY LEGENDARIES, there is no other explanation except that the shlooter was nerfed a massive 1,000% to account for this discrepency

Now here’s the thing, why was this a secret nerf and why didn’t GBX tell us they were going to do that???

Yes, yes, the defenders of everything Gearbox will no doubt come in here and defend it and say the shlooter wasn’t nerfed, it’s just your bad luck and bad RNG!!
But come on people, a 1000% increase to drop rates for legendaries and not 1 legendary drops…don’t you think that’s a little bit suspicious???


The 1000% increase does not mean that the drop rate is now massive, just 10x larger than it was. Given the low base world drop rate for legendaries, that’s not as much of an increase as it might appear.

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Also, Mayhem 4.

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Looking at the actual live hotfixes, nothing has been changed since the original ‘nerf’, sounds like its just because you’re playing on m4

M4 is definitely the factor here.

Try again on M10 with lootsplosion or M11 and it will be raining legendaries.

Just did a few runs on Mayhem 11 on the way to Maurice’s Black Market, and found it had a better impact on loot chests & eridium than enemy drops.

its nor working at all for me im on mayhem 11 and no legendaries at all even with fighting bosses sometime


Are you playing DLC content? i heard it does not work on DLCs.

Run trial of ferver or whatever its called you will be drowning in legendaries but there is only 7 good world drops boom sickle,Rowans call,Lucians call,hellwalker,opg.butcher that smg that tracks and debuffs i think thats it i use it for artifacts and class mods because at this point i pretty much have everything besides a godroll pearl that cant be farmed but i hardly ever used it to begin with.

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I’m going to have to respectfully disagree that the Shlooter doesn’t work;

Shlooter, All-In, Butt Stallion Milk, Mayhem 10, Lootsplosion, and Cartels active after one go-around of Slaughtershaft. And Shlooter’s pulling a hearty chunk of the weight here.


So much loot, even the purples are starting to phase out of existence!


It works in DLCs but seems to vary based on which dlc you’re in. For Krieg and Ava ones it only increases world drop non-dlc legendaries. But for bounty of blood it definitely boosts dlc drops as well

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I think you’re maths might be off lol
If the drop rate for Legendaries is 10% then 1,000% x 10% would see a drop rate of 110% increase which would GUARANTEE a Legendary drops every single time

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The Shlooter’s ability is independent and NOT based on your Mayhem level

Once again, the Shlooter’s ability is NOT dependent on what Mayhem level you are on, it is independent

I should not have to use Mayhem 10 and Lootsplosian in order to get the Shlooter to work for me

Lol, like I’ve been saying, the Shlooter is broken, either it was secretly nerfed or 1 of the hotfix’s broke it

Nope, no DLC’s, I was aware it doesn’t work on them, so I made sure my testing was on non DLC parts of the game…Athena’s and Slaughter Shaft etc

Yeah nah, if you have to use Buttstallion, milk, Lootsplosian etc then the Shlooter is broken, it should work INDEPENDENTLY of those “helps”…sure, they will increase your chances, but the 1,000% advertised should still work WITHOUT all those helps

You’re assuming that world drop legendaries have the same drop chance as designated legendaries. This is not the case - the world drop rate for legendaries is much lower. In BL2 it ended up somewhere around 1 in 1000 iirc. So even a 1000% increase leaves you with a rather small chance.

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In other words, your odds go from “crap” to “milli-crap”.

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