Section to Discuss Beatrix Please

Not sure who sets this up, but she’s really fun and I’m sure people want to discuss her helix, etc.

I’ll ping @JoeKGBX

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Thanks. Wondering if anyone else got credit for infecting Battleborn in Story Mode.

I did

Ask and you shall receive!


Awesome! :heart:

Thanks, Joe :smile_cat:

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Will Alani ever be grouped up with the rest of the Eldrid or will she eternally be alone, sandwiched between Fan Creations and Ambra (blech!)?

Do you notice how it happened?

Well, there aren’t any enemies in PvE that actually count as Battleborn (the allied NPC BB do count) so my guess is that they might have cribbed the code for the major enemies gear procs when putting together the lore challenge.

Thanks, that will give me an idea when to watch to see if it happens. Either that or wait for Bots Battle to return.