Security Bear broken? How long has this been a thing?

I’m back to giving Moze some love after quite a long break from her. I had stopped playing her due to Iron Bear crashes and last I played Security Bear was working fine. How long has this been broken?

Anyone have info on this? Is it a visual bug or is it actually just not working?


I guess it does work, it just takes several seconds to actually activate now? Weirdchamp

I’ve always played AutoBear cancel spam builds and get out asap to preserve cooldown, the fact I now have to sit in it for around 3 seconds before exit is a bit odd imo.

It has never popped up instantly. Always has a 5 second timer from the moment you press the action skill button. I remember because I thought it was stupid in September.

It’d be a lot more useful if it came up instantly. However, Iron bear is invulnerable with or without security bear for about 5 seconds upon entering.


I’m aware of the invulnerability frames but that makes little difference because I want SB for Auto Bear not for while in Iron Bear.

There was definitely a point where it popped up right away. I’ve always done Auto Bear cancel spam builds and never had this issue before I’ve always gotten SB with my Auto Bear when I exit immediately (to get max CD refund). I noticed this difference right away since I was so used to it in the past. Maybe it didn’t pop up right away but it popped up once you exited regardless of whether it was up before you exit or not, now you have to make sure it’s up before you exit and I definitely did not have to do that in the past.

I know don’t the exact time when I was playing Moze previously but it was well before they fixed the Iron Bear crashes that I had moved on.

Edit- I actually was able to pin point a time because I had uploaded a build video in the beginning of November, that’s about when I stopped playing it.

Eh I’ve noticed the opposite, that it never came up right away. Don’t know what to tell you, I’ve been complaining about this a ton since release. I don’t use security bear because of it because I wanted it for the same reason, to have a shield when I’m on foot after exit.

I’m on ps4 so maybe it was different for pc or Xbox closer to release.

That could be the difference, I’m on PC it could be at some point they equalized it to work the same across systems. Either way it’s pretty damn annoying lol.

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My guess is that’s it. It seems grenades still proc MoD grenade regen on pc, but it doesn’t on console.

I specifically remember complaining about security bear and nobody else seemed to really care or say anything about it. It’d make sense that pc players just thought I was coocoo.

Either way, at least someone else finds it dumb… Ruins the skill completely for me. Also the fact it doesn’t charge again with auto bear.


yeh, on pc i remember it originally came up right away. it was the 60 day patch that changed it i think. also, idk whether grenades proc MoD on xbox. we only know it doesn’t on PS4.


True. I haven’t heard of anyone testing it on Xbox. It’s apparent that different issues arise on all 3 of those systems. Like the ps4 had a problem marking items as junk or favorites but the others didn’t as far as I know.

it was a PC issue too but it only lasted for a day or so.

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Interesting. It seems like some things are in hotfixes and some are applied to updates and it’s different between each console/pc. I’m assuming that’s why MoD works better on pc as well. Hotfixes can be janky sometimes with certain skills. Like they’re in a different part of the code that gets ignored under certain conditions during gameplay.

This is speculation, I’m not a programmer but logically it makes sense to me.

it can be simpler to rollout fixes on some platforms too, particularly PC.