Security Bear let me down :(

I thought I found the perfect solution to the fatal side effect of using the Complex Root. I got this:

Perfect for jumping into IB and then I thought if I stayed under the shield of SB once I jumped out it might protect me from the ricochet effect of the Complex Root. Nope. I guess this shield only helps you if inside IB sadly. Too bad…that could have been a nifty little trick. :frowning:

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Have you tried using dakka bear to avoid it?

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Nope. I have never put a point into that. I thought it was a turret or something. Do you shoot your own weapons out of it?

This trick works for the flakker and weapons like the Yellow cake. The Root is simply too powerful and breaks the shield.

Jump out of iron bear. Shoot the root and immediately jump into dakka bear.

I was firing the 'root the other day, getting a feel for it before I bring it to the field. Its overall range is limited… like even if I put myself at a long distance from the target, the, eh, ‘roots’ will start at the same distance from me, no?

The turret can inherit the Unforgivin’s crit bonus and also the 50/150 URad annointment. It can be pretty fun.

If you use a shock root with transformer or rad root with red suit shields, you can always avoid it. Otherwise I can just do more damage with some other gun that doesn’t kill me, like a Flipper.

I tried that with a Transformer and a shock variant but it doesn’t really work. I still got downed. I assume it’s from FITSD or something. I have noticed that if you space out your shots it doesn’t seem to happen as much but if you spam it’s almost a guaranteed FFYL moment.

Ya, avoid any points on FitSD right now. Even one point is too much to avoid getting downed. And Experimental Munitions can cause it too. Heck, you might want to avoid Cloud of Lead too.

Yeah. Not worth it IMO. That is sacrificing way too much damage to make that work. :frowning:

FitSD is not working as intended right now, so best to not rely on it. I believe it’s getting boosted by action skill damage.