See that planet over there? You can go there and shoot at the devs! Infinity: Battlescape

So these guys that i’ve been following for a while had been making a game engine for space games for a while.
And now they have a [kickstarter][1] for a game they are making with said engine.

It boils down to potentially thousands of players in 3 teams duking it out in a full sclae seamless solar system, and by seamless I mean everything is one instance, the planets are planet size and you can prettymuch recreate the famous pale blue dot picture in it!

They have a prototype out and it already seems quite fun and has all the main things working although the art is all placeholder so far.

Here’s a few videos of the devs and various streamers/promoters messing around in the prototype:
some action:

some downright inspiring stuff:

And as I promissed here have a video where the 4 or so streamers decide to gang up on the developer that was showing them around the game (around 10:20 mark is when it happens) :

I personally can’t wait till I get my alpha access, I want to science the hell out of this thing as soon as humanly possible.


Looks great! Bookmarked.

Where are the forums though? they are pretty friendly, go talk to them!

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Praise Discourse!

A forum with achievements!

But seeing you’re a Homeworld dude, I bet you dig their concepts for the bigger ships, Homeworld concepts really inspired a lot of the art direction of those things

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Looks great already! :heart: Reminding me of the X-series or the upcoming NoMansSky.

The engine was largely made by 1 dude and half the time he also had a day job, let that sink in!
His solo days are over though as he has a tiny team of awesome dudes helping him out.


I wish I could help if I was any good at stuff like that! :wink: And I am more known on these forums so…

Thats surely insane! OoO I love such crazy projects!!!

I could help like Jeffy Bug does, community manager sounds good. But the problem is they have no idea who I am! :wink:

you could tell them who you are, maybe they’ll be interested.

That sounds good. I will.

A new video from the devs with one of the game’s soundtrack pieces, it’s mostly pretty moons:

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Scott manley OK’d me to post this video of his here:
It’s pretty damn exciting.

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Looking good! But I can’t get hold of the team to ask them if they wanted community help…

Have you tried tweeting or sending an email to ?
They are all extremely busy but Hutchings seems to reply more often.

1 Like did a great interview/article with the developers.
Check it out

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