See you at the actual Halloween event. I'm taking a break. Devs please Listen

After 4+ actual days I am finally burnt out.
I had a world of hype when the game was first released that I never seen myself buying a new game till after Christmas.

I want to still play the game but right now I have no desire to.

Before I start I love the game it just needed better thought into Endgame.

I am a messy writer so sorry if it feels unstructured but here goes.

Let’s start with unique legendaries!!!
Farming for the bee in BL2 had some serious gratification.

The new event is a joke but I wish it was real.
I wish every boss had some seriously rare overpowered unique legendary.
Like rampager should have a 1% chance for hellwalker and that should be the only place you can get it from.

Same as all the best weapons in the game.

I want to farm a boss for 6 hours to try and get a chance of something I actually want. Then days to get the annointed version

All the best weapons are world drops so it’s just spamming through 100s of legendaries to get a small chance and it doesn’t feel rewarding.

I have no reason to play my two VH as they are built enough where time spent Vs reward for build is not enough.

I don’t want to roll the two other VHs as I can’t sit through hours of cut scenes .

It’s lazy modding!!!
Seeing -50 to shotguns and +50 to shotguns on the same level is genuinely hilarious! Cmon guys! Random stats is not enough when everything is stacked against you but the rewards are the same
I would prefer it if you had random mods like. All zealots are badasses, increased annointed chances, all Goliath’s are insta raged. Just a few examples. On top of increased health shield armor an so on.

Circle of slaughter. This is in fact my favourite game mode!!! I played this a lot but the completion reward is hilarious!!!
Again not enough. Let’s have completely endless and harder

Proving grounds. This needs a lot of work!! At level 50 just have them all unlocked!!!
Click proving ground and let it be random. Keep the maps the same but random mobs and bosses.
Start them at 50 and after completion ask to further prove yourself. Going to enemy level 51,52,53 and so own… streamers and video creators would love to show off getting to like level 60 enemies. Gives us something to do!

You don’t need to nerf then they will use builds to get power levels as high as they can!!

Thank you for investing a lot of time into getting it right.
But your annoying your hardcore fans.

I don’t care about legendary drop rate nerfs as it’s needed

You need to fix Zane before nerfing VHs.

When we see nerfs before bugs fixing it’s frustrating.

Devs communication:
Talk to us more guys use Twitter, forums, Facebook

Just talk to us please

Tell us what weapons and sheilds are great and make them unique to farm.
Tell us you are listening an you agree
Tell us what you plan to do

Who cares about these events when no one knows if anything we are farming for is good. Same with next week’s rare spawns.

Thank you again though guys! I have sunk more hours into this game than any other title release since BL2

You got this!!