Seeding hope for the future of this game_10hrs in review

(Frodsgnal) #1

Main points to follow,
+more than just one on one gameplay
+in game currency to balance the likely introduction of real world currency
+creating personalized cards

First off I just want to say the quick emojis where genius. As a quirky side play for releasing stress when one falls into a hole unintentionally and making the game more entertaining.

At 4hrs in I feel like I beat the game because I wasn’t getting any new cards. However I was not very good. Therefore, I thought to keep playing. I would win perhaps in general 1/3 matches. After 6 more hours I definitely have the feel for what cards work best for me and in general, also in what oder and when to use them. Now I can win in general 1/2 matches. Granted the game is fast and I am expecting that the cards will be expanded upon, I fear about the paying to win ruing the game.

Considering the best cards may only be for purchase. If there is also an “in game currency” introduced, for example where one could sell cards back to a dealer for cheap or even to get a little from wins; although I think the main focus of the game should be on the cards. It would also still need to be in a comparable measure to the “real world money” to purchase new cards.

I would also like to see bigger maps and more complexity in the “fielding of the play”, for example; capture the flag, team death match, and so on and so for.

And lastly, more to my wish list of things that would keep pumping the hours on this game would be a way for players to create their own cards. Oh! or with the introduction of in game currency you can use it combine ability cards to make a stronger, more unique card. This then would at least be an easy way to have unique cards and less work than coming up with coding for players to create an entirely new card.

I hope every one has fun play!