Seein Dead Action Skill damage roll

Can anyone confirm these are still able to drop? I’ve been farming VIP for about a week now, racking up 200+ seein dead’s, and I can’t get an action skill damage roll to drop. Starting to think they silently patched it out or something.

I think that modifier itself might be rare. I eyeball all COMs blue and up that I come across from chests to drops to vending machines, and have only seen like two with that modifier. Looking for it on a specific, already rare COM may be rough.

edit - as I type this, I come across this thing. I’m not psyched about the modifier selections, but I do love me a Shockerator, and the modifiers are pretty good:

What does this do for Zane? Buff the Clone’s weapon damage? Probably. What else?

  • Cryo Novas from Binary System?
  • Dopplebanger explosive damage?
  • Everything SNTNL throws?
  • Grenades thrown by the Clone and SNTNL?
  • Barrier shock damage from Deterrence Field?
  • For this COM: shock damage from punching the Clone?

Not the grenades (those count as if they were thrown by Zane himself and are only affected by grenade damage, AoE, certain elemental bonuses and anoints) but probably all of the others.

I don’t know if it really is worth using though as the Shockerator isn’t that great in terms of primary effect and skill boosts.

Is there any info out there that shows that the 3 rolls on COMs are universal? Is it possible the ’ action skill damage’ roll has been removed/bugged on the Seein Dead? I racked up another ±50 seein dead’s since making this post, and still haven’t found a single one.

I can’t speak for more recently, but when the rolls were first introduced I found seein dead with action skill damage (on console) a few days in.

Yeah I found 2 out of about 6 right when they came out so I haven’t bothered to look again.

Hmm at the boss farm event week I found 2 mind sweeper, a seeing dead,one driver, one phasezerker, some cosmic stalkers and several red fangs. All with AS dmg.
But since then not a single com for any character with that roll.
And with lootsplosion, there are dropping many many com’s and artefacts.
Maybe they changed something before DLC 4, for example only today I had 6 different moxxis endowment(11%xp) with additional +9%xp roll. Suspicious :thinking: :nerd_face:
But when I’m honest, because of that insane mayhem action skill dmg scaling it’s not the worst idea to remove this roll from com’s.
This would be typically for GBX, remove the roll instead of fixing this abnormal scaling.

I just got a Seein Dead with 39% Action skill damage. I’m trying not to get too excited. Does this actually give the clone 39% extra damage? Cuz he is already a BEAST. I can’t imagine the POWA. I will RULE THE WORLD…

Yes your clone will get that bonus and it’s multiplicative. But your clone will rule the world not you :grin:

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If only you could see the grin I’m having on my face right now… :grin:

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they drop 200%