Seein' Dead and Playing Dirty

Sometimes Seein’ Dead dosen’t activate Playing Dirty.


  1. Respec Zayne
  2. Spend skill points on any kill skill except Playing Dirty
  3. Equip Seen’ Dead that gives some skill points to Playing Dirty(Playng Dirty should contain only SP provided by class mod)
  4. Start shooting Jack dummy target on Sanctuary II

Expected behavior:
Periodic activation of ALL kill skills including playing dirty.

Observed behavior:
Periodic activation of kill skills . In some casesALL kill skills are activated, in other cases ALL kill skills EXCEPT playing dirty are activated.

Playing Dirty has a poorly worded description.

It has a % chance to procc the next 5 shots.

If you only have, lets say 2 points from class mod that works out to a 20% chance on kill skill activation that the next 5 shots will shoot an extra projectile.

Please read my topic carefully. I am not talking about procing shots, i am talking about activation of playing dirty at all.

Wait a minute, do you mean that the probability given on PD is the probability of the skill activation, not the probability of shot to be doubled? This blasted game tricked me again.

Yes. It is a chance to get 5 shots or no shots.

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