Seein' Dead Class Mod Kill Skills

The item card reads, “Whenever Zane damages an enemy with his weapon, he has a chance to automatically activate all his kill skills.” Does all his kill skills mean just the kill skills I have points invested in or does it actually activate every kill skill in every tree no matter if it has a point or not? I think it’s not since I haven’t been randomly cryo nova-ing enemies on kill with the Best Served Cold skill…

That would be an interesting glitch or even a future legendary artifact that paired with the Seein’ Dead that allowed this to happen… Obviously, the skills you don’t have any points in will only be at their level 1 versions, but you’d get them nonetheless…

Every kill skill that you have specced into. (he has 11 of them)

And Best Served Cold bizarrely activates around Zane instead of the enemies when Seein’ Dead triggers it, anyway.

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Yaaaa… thought so… I kinda hope someone at gearbox sees this and sees the suggestion for the artifact I made.

That actually makes a good deal of sense tho… Since Best Severed Cool would need a kill to normally activate, the enemy who died would get the cryo nova, but if seein’ dead would activate it, no enemy actually died so Best Served Cold wouldn’t know where to send the nova…

Zane dies a little inside each time. :cry:


I was kinda disappointed best served cold doesn’t trigger properly since usually it’s useless around Zane.