Seein Dead class mod stealth nerf?

So i’ve been fighting Zam & Tam in The Heart’s desire dlc area for about an hour and noticed that my Seein’ Dead class mod was not triggering my kill skills. Every once and awhile one kill skill will proc but overall in my extended playtime i’ve definitely noticed that they’re not triggering. It used to be that after putting several bullets into a boss or mob that several if not all my kill skills would proc but today I really started to pay attention and something is absolutely off. My Seein’ Dead class mod is not working the way it used to. If anyone else is experiancing the same thing please comment below because I feel like i’m taking crazy pills. Been testing and it procs against mobs regularly but seems never to proc against bosses.

I haven’t Zane’d since today’s hotfix, but it was at least working fine after last week’s.

I haven’t encountered any problem.