Seein' Dead Fantasy Rework

I have a weird fascination with skills & gear in Borderlands and I often think about what I’d change to suit my particular tastes. Since Commitment was capped on April 1st I’ve felt the Seein’ Dead lost its few interesting synergies with fast firing, high pellet-count, and chaining weapons. Since all of his Kill Skills now have a ceiling that is very quickly reached, the Seein’ Dead is a rather uninteresting Legendary Class Mod to me. Currently it may as well just say, “while players have this equipped Zane’s Kill Skills are always active,” because that’s the practical effect it has when used. So I’ve come up with my own little goofy rework to share it with other nerds who might be interested. This isn’t meant to be a very serious post, just something I wanted to do for fun because I like these types of creative exercises.

Design Philosophy: Like I mentioned, I became somewhat infatuated with the synergies the Seein’ Dead had with guns that were able to put out a ton of pellets in a short amount of time, thereby stacking Zane’s Kill Skills extremely quickly. The main idea here is that when you have a lot of stacks you’ll feel extraordinarily powerful, but players would have to ramp up in battle first and then try to maintain those stacks.

Seein’ Dead already had two great skills attached to it which synergized with the COM’s built in Kill Skill activation effect - Playing Dirty and Violent Violence - which just help get more pellets out very quickly. I thought Donnybrook was a pretty boring pick for a skill so I swapped it for Eraser which I’m told has the potential for cool interactions with weapons that chain between enemies when the shots crit.

Probable Design Failings: I will not claim to know anything about number balancing so choosing 7.5% Kill Skill effectiveness was a shot in the dark. I know I was able to pretty easily obtain 50+ stacks of Commitment but I wouldn’t be surprised if others were able to get much more. Possibly other things I’m not thinking of?

Side note: I didn’t initially intend to imply that all of Zane’s Kill Skills would have their effectiveness reduced; only the ones that stacked twice. But I’m somewhat curious what would happen if Salvation and Good Misfortune were reduced to a fraction of their original value, since they are staple choices on so many Zane builds.

Please no… I have still nightmares about 50+ commitment stacks hunting me in the night…


Those were weird times. I have a personal distaste for extremely overpowered skills and gear so I’d only put a couple points in Commitment but I love the idea of skills that let players chase a limitless ceiling (and reward them for doing so, of course). I was quite disappointed when Moze’s Purple Skill Superior Firepower was released with such a low cap that can be reached in the first few seconds of an engagement.

I don’t know… I think unless you also throw in a metric fuckton of bonus kill skill duration and increase the activation chance from 4% up to something like 10% I don’t think you’d ever be able to really outperform what’s currently possible with just regular Seein’ Dead. Keep in mind that your previous stacks were also possible due to skills like Violent Violence which would basically get crushed by this COM.

Having all of your kill skills down to 7.5% of their power means that you need 13-14 Stacks for every single regular stack (and that’s not counting the bonus kill skill power Seein’ Dead currently has), meaning you’d only start seeing a benefit over your regular double-stacking once you surpass 27 Stacks.

Additionally, there’s the question how Death Follows Close and Seein’ Red would factor in since they add another 40% kill skill power.

Would this mean you get:

1: 7.5% of 140% of your regular kill skill power

2: 47.5% of your regular kill skill power

3: 140% of the 7.5% kill skill power?

Plus, it would of course not be realistically possible to throw Eraser on there because that’s from an entirely different DLC (I also generally disagree with throwing out Donnybrook because this makes Seein’ Dead basically the only class mod that can directly buff your Clone aside from Shockerator which is sadly hot garbage).

I could imagine this idea working on a smaller scale on a separate class mod. Like, reducing kill skill power to 50% but letting it stack up to 5 times but I don’t think designing Seein’ Dead to be a high-stress class mod that demands you play something ultra spammy like Chain Zane and takes like a minute of fighting until you start outperforming what you would get if you weren’t using that COM, just for you to immediately crash as soon as there aren’t any enemies on screen for a few seconds would be very fun.

I like the idea honestly, but I have a feeling no stack limits + a COM boosting Eraser would give birth to cursed abominations xD


commitment sound intensifies


I love the idea of kill skills without a stack cap, encouraging a highly aggressive playstyle. BUT this only makes sense on a class which doesn’t have the capability to activate Kill Skills on will. I had an idea for such a Zane class mod previously, but with MNTIS, there’s no way this wouldn’t be ridiculously imbalanced unfortunately.

And Seein’ Dead is still one of Zane’s best COMs, and probably the best if you aren’t using MNTIS.

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Death Follows Close doubles Kill Skill duration, so breaking 50, 60, 70 stacks of Commitment used to be pretty easy with the right weapons. So the potential to outperform the current COM is moreso problematic because it would do too well rather than not enough. At least that was my experience.

My thinking was 0.075 x 1.40 = 10.5%

I chose the word “fantasy” in the title carefully. I definitely wasn’t aiming for something realistic if that’s how it seems. It does bother me a little that the fourth Skill Trees coming from a DLC precludes any sort of thing like this though because on some of the least desirable Class Mods the skill choices are poorly done, and it would be cool to see creative replacements from all 4 trees available.

That’s why I redesigned it more to my liking. Not really a fan of the always-on pseudo permanent buffs it offers now. Just my personal take on the matter; I have grown apart from the Seein’ Dead over time sadly.

I’ve long wished we could get a really amazing dedicated Clone COM (I do not like speaking of the cursed Shockerator). Not that the Clone needs it, I’m just really into more thematic builds, so I’d love to actually have an impressive Class Mod to base it all around.

This sounds better than your actual idea. :grimacing:

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And here I thought avoiding the [Suggestion] tag would save me from this level of brutality.