Seein' Dead Saved From being Autosave Dead

Was finishing a round on Slaughterstar, looking through the Legendaries that had dropped, seeing what was worth taking, worth selling, etc. Inventory was full, but there were a few items I wanted to make sure went to the lost loot machine, which means I had to pick up and drop some others, so they wouldn’t be flagged. But a full inventory meant dropping/swapping.
Made the mistake of hold-square swapping my Seein’ Dead with +Splash Damage, +Splash Damage Radius… with some garbage Executor. The Seein’ Dead disappeared completely before it even hit the ground. :exploding_head: :dizzy_face:
Wasn’t even using the Shlooter! Had on a Moxxi’s Endowment to farm Vault Card 2 chests. :expressionless:

Fortunately, I’d made a backup save on a USB drive a few days ago. I think I was grinding anointments (load save, do 3 rolls, reload save, etc). Or experimenting with the Shlooter in Arms Race. Either way, my precious Splashin’ Dead has been salvaged, and without even losing any progress. :blush:

Good thing I had so much experience save-scumming for anointments and challenge rewards. I was able to save an item from the clutches of Borderlands stupid autosave system that you can’t turn off. :roll_eyes:

EDIT: Playing on PS4


cool story, why not just edit it back in? its removal hasnt been legit anyways

OP might be playing on console, where this “just edit it in” concept fails to apply.

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ah man excuse me, i just saw “usb drive” and assumed pc

because the editor is the quickest workaround there, i would have gotten a grey hair in his scenario lol

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OP would likely be on PCwith a USB save(not sure if PS supports it). The"just use SE" argument just grinds my gears from a Xbox players perspective.

Nothing personal lol

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see, alot of pc players think its gone because the website stopped working (due to the creator passing away) thats why i bring it up now

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Definitely on PS4 lmao.:sweat_smile:

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The description of farming woes in your OP screamed last gen console to me. I just didn’t know if PS4 supported USB saves to say for certain.

Eh, I won’t consider the PS5 or Xboxwhatever “current gen” until they’re consistently, readily available, at regular price, both in stores and online. So… a thousand year PS4/Xbone dynasty! :rofl:

And I have little to no interest in paying more than twice the price of a console to build a machine with 8 month hardware generations, and having to deal with compatibility/settings/drivers/clients/DRM… at least not just to toy with Borderlands 3. Now being able to play Fallout New Vegas with fixed bugs and updated textures, or Bioshock without the stupid memory/save issues of the console remake? :thinking:

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