Seein' Dead with +5 Playing Dirty possible?

That would be ideal for my CCC+Clone build with Deathless.

+5 to PD is possible. If your on PS4 i could see if I have one.

Yes I am on PS4

Its possible, but overkill depending on the points you invest directly. You only need 7/5 to get it over 100% guaranteed activation chance.

That’s not an issue for me because I don’t have any points in the Hitman tree thus the class mod is my only means of getting Playing Dirty.

With the right gear it’s not necessary though. Hex+fractalfrags/dronedelivery or many of the STNL augments are plenty to proc PD, even at 5/5 if you use hard hitting low RoF weapons.

I usually keep a Kill o the Wisp on me to Procc Seein Dead insanely easy