Seein' Dead with Action Skill buff?

I’ve seen the Seein Dead class mod with action skill (it was 36%!!!) on a streamer’s video, but have yet to see any class mod with Action Skill bonus. Are these super rare, does anybody know? I’m trying to farm a new Seein Dead class mod and I’ve picked up probably 30 various mods in the Jackpot and none have any Action Skill perks.

Has anybody had any luck? I wouldn’t put it past streamers to use modded gear or “accidentally” get it from fans who claimed to have farmed it.

I saw it two times, but not on Zane’s COMs. It’s in the stat pool, you just need to be lucky.

Have a seein dead with this but the other rolls are of no use.

That said I am currently using it with clone abuse anyway haha

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What % is the buff? I’m farming VIP and getting a nice selection, none with the AS buff and none with rolls as good as on my lvl 57!

Max AS dmg is 36%.

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Just finished farming Loco at the VIP tower for about an hour. 40 runs on an XB1X, 8 Seein’ Deads, zero with AS dmg. On run 19, I got a Shockerator w/ 36% AS damage bonus.

Putting that on instead of my Seein’ Dead had the clone killing Loco in 2 volleys from my OPQ instead of 4-5 using the Seein Dead.

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I farmed for a while last night without seeing it. I haven’t seen an AS buff on ANY class mods as of yet.

Is that passive skill only for the Seein’ Dead CM or can it be on any CM?

Any COM, any VH.

I got it on a phasezerker com, but unfortunately the other rolls were useless for me (something like tediore and/or jakobs related–never used those brands in any borderlands game–but 35% action skill damage paired with ties that bind is probably pretty good regardless of the other rolls).

TTB is already busted without that boost, it’s better to have different stat.

I’m a crappy player, so any advantage I can get I’ll take. It takes me over an hour just to complete the maliwan takedown and everyone else says it’s a piece of cake.

Seein’ dead is Zanes best com right? All the rest seem to be so specific and useless. I need to farm a lvl 60 one but wanted to make sure before I do if there’s anything else I should be on the lookout for

Yes, the other class mods don’t come close to offering the DPS of seein’ dead between proc’ing kill skills on damage instead of kills plus the extra 25%, it’s not even close. Zane is extremely under powered using anything else.

I finally got the 36% (I’m thinking that is the only % for AS since it’s all I’ve seen), on a Seein Dead. The rest weren’t great unless I wanted to add teidore chucking onto my resume, but it is still far better than those without.

Didn’t they say that TTB was scaled with the new patch as non-AS damage and so wouldn’t be affected by the new AS damage roll or did I mishear that?

It’s not boosted anymore by Do Harm, but can be boosted by AS dmg on COM afaik.

Ah I just checked the patch notes and saw this : As a result of this change, players will notice that Ties That Bind will not scale properly with Action Skill damage. This is a temporary fix that will be addressed in a future update.

So I guess it will be fixed later

36% would be the highest. Keep farming, you’ll get it. I got mine last night after 1-2 hours.

I could barely get through it with Mayhem mode deactivated. This was pre-patch though so with my Clone i’m going to run it tonight on M10.

yes, by far. However, with the Clone being fixed and OP AF there are some other builds you could do with other CMs that give you points Violent Momentum etc,. that you could use somewhere else.

I got a seein dead +36 AS, +22 accuracy and -20% shield delay. I think I don’t really need to farm for a new one unless there’s better rolls?