Seein' Red is not working as it should?

Am I missing something? Because when I activate Seein’ Red, the only Kill Skill that gets activated is Violent Speed (as in, it only shows the icon for VS at the bottom of the screen and no other skills).

I heard Zane was bugged, as is Amara, but is this part of the bugged situation? Or am I missing something.

I appreciate the help in advance.

Ya, unfortunately. Zane is uber bugged right now. There’s like 8 different skills that are super jacked up after that last patch.

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I’ve never had that issue

I think it’s the kill skill display that’s bugged, not the skills themselves. When I activate my action skills it only shows Playing Dirty and Violent Momentum, but I can tell that the others are active as well but just not being displayed on the bottom of the screen.

You know, I tested it a few times now after restarting. It’s showing all of my kill skills every now and then on the display. So, you’re right, it could be the display. Thanks for the input