Seeing as the HD update guarantees a patch anyway, any chance we could get some of the worst pearls balanced at the same time?

Some of the Pearlescent guns are a real downer to find. When you see that cyan glow only to find it’s an Unforgiven or a Wanderlust, it turns what’s supposed to be one of the most exciting finds into a bog of sadness.

Since we’re getting a patch anyway, could the following guns get some extra pep added?


Just off the top of my head:

Wanderlust: Gives +40% movement speed when drawn, never has a scope.
Storm: Increase duration of tesla orbs to 30 seconds, double their range, only 5 orbs can exist at a time.
Unforgiven: Set accuracy to 100. Absolute, perfect accuracy.
Bearcat: Reduce ammo consumption from 6 to 1, OR make it regenerate assault rifle ammo when held.
Godfinger: I don’t even know.

Or literally anything else, but these 5 are really bad, and make me very sad. We have this limited window of opportunity, I say we take it!



The only pearl that’s not worth using is the bearcat.

Plus the last real update was 3 1/2 years ago, I’m pretty sure they’re done with them


Some of the ones I mentioned aren’t strictly bad, but they’re also not good. Definitely not pearl-level.

I don’t think my suggested changes would break any of them, but it would give them a solid and unique purpose.

And I figure, if they’ve gotta have a patch anyway, why not give it a shot!

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The UCP addresses this if you’re on PC. You will not see Gearbox alter a game of this age in the way that you’re hoping.

If wishes were horses, I’d have a ranch - to quote Lucinda Williams.


To be fair, patches cost money to upload. After a while, it stops being economical to just do little balance tweaks like this.

But if they’re doing a patch anyway, then tossing in a few little balance tweaks just costs them a couple hours of coding!

Plus, it would show they’re dedicated to continuing their maintenance of their game, and would probably help to draw back some of their dedicated players! Not to mention the rash of new videos discussing the balance changes, which would basically be free advertising for not only BL2, but also BL1 and BL3.

Overall, I think it would be a good choice with very few potential downsides.

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Having seen the UCP unfold over 2 years, I can absolutely tell you what a slippery slope tweaking is.

There’s a double meaning in there somewhere…



They updated bl2 over 3 years after release, if that’s not dedication idk what is. There are only maybe a dozen truly bad items in the game, not everything needs to be balanced


Every pearl I mentioned is significantly worse than an equivalent purple. While not everything needs to be balanced, Pearls, being the rarest and most limited subsection of rare loot, should definitely be.

If for no other reason than it prolongs the lifespan of the game. Pearls rarity means you most likely won’t find more than one or two before you hit level 72, and often wont find all of them before OP8. But if half of them aren’t worth finding, then it cuts short the loot hunting process halfway, which means less people playing/streaming, which means less people buying the game.

Keeping the rarest loot balanced is good both from a game design perspective, and also from a financial one.

Since they’re at it, how about seraphs…and Cobra drop rates…and…

idk - I’ve always treated pearls as collectors items. They’re all usable and I use them as they are intended. You’re up against some long time, multi-thousand-hour players here - we don’t really have an issue.


Bekah a bad pearlescent?
With maya breaks havoc


The ones listed in the OP, not the bekah

I’d honestly be more excited for a wonderlust drop than i would say an avenger.

Also what jefe said, a lot of us have 3000+ hours, so the game must be refined to a T as is.

Just want to say, not trying to insult your suggestions, just saying they aren’t necessary at this stage of the game


they’re quite rare overall though

i tried thousands of times making it work with my napalm krieg and nothing came out of it


Hey, you and yours have thousands of hours in the game, and have grown accustomed to the flaws, but there are plenty of people who might be playing it for the first time. No reason not to make sure they’ve got the best game possible, to rev them up for BL3!


it will be cool though if they makes some improvement patches.


Realistically, I think the most we could hope for in an actual hardcoded patch is a roundup of the hotfix(es) that currently get downloaded and applied when starting the game up. But weirder things have happened in the universe.


There’s another issue with getting your wishes into the patch at this point: the certification process for consoles. The patch is scheduled to go live in just 2 days from now, which is certainly shorter than the certification takes (I think I read somewhere that typically takes 1-2 weeks, but since I’m a PC player, I’ve never paid much attention to that).
So there’s no chance to get anything into the console version of the upcoming patch anymore. All we can theoretically achieve is to get the devs to fix some PC-specific things, like fixing the discrepancies between character-based damage on PC and consoles (found in this thread), or making SHiFT work on Linux (it’s totally broken at the moment, and has been in all versions to date).


Might being the operative word here.

Especially when someone is playing for the first time, the pearlescent items are, in my opinion, nearly irrelevant for the decision keep playing or to stop. If you stay with the game long enough to find pearls, you’re hooked anyway.

But the question if some of the ultra-rare items you might find during the third playthrough are slightly underwhelming does not factor into the decision to keep playing or the decision to buy BL2 or not.

So while I understand OPs hope, I don’t see it happen.


They should have really fixes Axton’s leg Ranger bug in the way it doesn’t properly boost Onslaught. For real, this class mod suffers this bug to the point that it isn’t half good as it should be

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The only real issue with the Storm is that the damage is split between the orbs. Put it in the hands of a shock Gaige though…


Just thizzz. Catalyst Gaige can do wonders with the Storm and about 250/300 stacks and full shock set-up! Love that build, it’s not your typical gaige build but it’s so cool. Sometimes I just go with SiC and Make it Sparkle and suddenly you will not miss the missing anarchy tree heavy investment :slight_smile:

For the Godfinger what they did with the Patch as far as I know, the distance needed to get its gimmick to trigger was significantly reduced.

The BearCat I feel like it should have had Grenade splash dmg other Grenadier/Rocketer rifles.

Wanderlust aswell has been hugely buffed by the UCP, if I recall it has improved dmg, fire rate, and x3 projectile count defaut. So good!

If only the secondary splash on the Tunguska was not dealing self dmg… this thing is a monster with Krieg, I destroyed entire rooms with 10/12 enemies with just one shot In the center of the room. Just woow. But it tends to kill you, fr.

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