Seeing Dead secretly nerfed?

Does anyone know if this mod has been nerfed? I’m playing Zane again after a few weeks with other characters and his action skills dissipate in a very short period of time even when I’m killing numerous enemies. And the cool down rates seem longer than they used to. When I previously played the takedown his skills never dissipated until I ran out of enemies. Now they go down after 10 seconds no matter what.

It has been. I noticed it too. It was like a 20% chance to trigger kill skills on hit, now it seems like 5-10%, but what was added was an increased chance to trigger them on critical hits. I don’t know how much it is since gearbox hasn’t said but yes it has been nerfed dramatically.

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You mentioned you haven’t played Zane in a few weeks… did you turn on Guardian Rank with him? It’s off by default with each character since the last patch. That could affect AS cooldown but I dunno about the rest, I play Zane using Seein Dead and he seems the same as always to me.


where do all these conspiracy threads come from on daily basis? u can literally lob only true take down with zane and seein dead nothing has changed. most likely your GR is off and you are missing topped off perk.



Played him a couple days ago. So going down the check list:
Borrowed time and Good Misfortune are still beyond op? Check!
Salvation is up along as Drone is up? Check!
Zane’s Clone chucks nades like it’s going our of style? Check!

Everything seems fine to me. Depending on if your AE combo choice of guns, use of the Hex grenade with Drone Delivery, your Kill skill up time may significantly vary. The more sorces that you have attempting to proc Seein Dead the more powerful the COM becomes within limitations.

If I run without a Brainstormer and Hex grenade I instantly notice a dramatic decline up time.


I did have it turned off–forgot about that. Turning it back on did help, though it still seems off, in particular with the barrier–that seems to be shutting down faster than I remember. Enemy fire is also getting through it much more easily (even if I don’t move it, which I know affects the perks). Previously I could get through the takedown (on mayhem 1 or 2–haven’t tried it on 3 or 4) and only got into FFYL once or twice and not die. Tonight I died numerous times and constantly went into FFYL, in large part b/c my action skills weren’t up very often (and I’m sure rust was also part of it). Since I was able to get through it then maybe having GR off was the primary factor.


What guns are you using?

I just want to chime in and provide some clarity on this matter, for those who aren’t aware Seein’ Deads proc chance has always been 4% (yes this sounds low but it is what the amount is). Nothing has changed with this COM or Zane’s skills in the recent patch both secretly or openly. I usually try to stay on top of any changes that are made in any fashion and nothing has been changed. If you have any questions feel free to ask but just wanted to clear this up, Gearbox has rarely “shadow” changed things with this game so its not good to assume that they have.


Apparently, an old bug has resurfaced where certain projectiles (I’ve seen Vladof mini-rockets mentioned) can pass through the barrier. I can’t say I’ve noticed this myself in the heat of battle (certain AOE attacks seem to sometimes pass through even after that was fixed) but apparently it’s a thing so you’re probably not imagining it. :wink:


Actually, the chance is and always has been 8%.

No it has not, its always been 4%


Actually it is ~2% according to my mathematical calculations derivative of this threads ongoing deduction of the actual number.


I appreciate this comment lmao


Well, I dunno where you got your number from but I’ve got mine from the community loot drop spreadsheet and those guys have so far been very reliable with their information with some of the stuff being datamined.
Are you sure you’re not just confusing this with Fl4k’s Bounty Hunter (which would be 3% but whatever)?

I get my info the same way as the people did in that sheet, I actually occasionally work with shdw, I am currently re-looking into it to see how he got 8%, if I missed something I will mention in here

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So as far as I can see in the data table for the Class Mods I only see it being a 4% chance, I do not know how shdw got 8% and am currently trying to consult him and others on this to confirm/deny. For others looking at this thread the fact of the matter on that it hasn’t been altered still remains, but we will get a confirmed percentage out to be clear

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So after talking with shdw and some others we can’t seem to see why that was marked as 8% in the spreadsheet, it should be marked as 4%, I will be getting in contact with TonyDML in order to update that entry


For the takedown I’ve been using the shock skeksil, shock laser sploder, breath of the dying and the brainstomer (when I get to Wotan I drop the skeksil and use the cutsman). Also use the transformer, electric banjo and ghast call grenade (plus seeing dead). Outside of the takdown I often use the dictator.

All of my thoughts were a guess. I didn’t data mine anything, so anyone else who has probably knows more than I do. I am not a computer programmer or software engineer in anyway.