Seeing Mayhem levels on guns

I’m finding this fairly useful and wondering about simply dumping almost everything below M10 except for certain rare items of interest.

I was also trying to use a M10 Lob on an M10 enemy…sad result. I jumped back to yellowcake.

For me, I guess except for trying to farm M10 items from specific bosses, I’m thinking I should play at M4 or M5 so I can get fun results from all my different and unusual weapons.

Just wondering about other players experience.

Has it been confirmed that the call out on the item card is the mayhem level of your item or the mayhem level that your item dropped on?


I actually don’t know.

I’m treating it as the level of the weapon, so far.

Can I see an image of what it looks like? I have the hotfixes and update installed and don’t see it.

I’m pretty certain it’s the level of the weapon. I was doing the Scraptrap farm on M10 the last few days of the Cartel event and one of the drops on my last run was a Hornet that looked like a non-Mayhem gun. I put it in my bank just in case. Cleaning up my inventory today, I saw that the Hornet was indeed non-Mayhem. I also noted that all my Mayhem gear was either M6 or M10, the only two Mayhem levels I’ve played on. My guess is that what happens with loot in Mayhem is that it either drops as the Mayhem level you’re on or as non-Mayhem, but not in between.


I think so too!

Until I get a confirmation from gearbox I don’t know. Since we do know at one time items were dropping at liwr than the mayhem level your were playing on. Plus gbx had never days they actually fixed it.

Mayhem levels on guns are handled via a second anointment. This anointment has a Mayhem value. That Mayhem value then changes the gun damage and tells the card what Mayhem Level the anointment is. Therefore, the card will tell you what level of modifier was added to the damage.

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That only caused weapons to drop as Mayhem 0 in higher Mayhem levels e.g., Eista, Wotan, and the Kraken. What you’re talking about is people incorrectly reporting that lower Mayhem items were dropping without realizing that weapon part variation was causing the lower weapon damage rolls, not lower Mayhem level.

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Is it only nee drops that are marked by mayhem or will the guns in my bank have them

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That wasn’t incorrect.

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