Seeing the Helix Choices of your Teamates?

Wouldn’t it be cool and super strategic to at a click of a button (perhaps selecting the player at scoreboard), glance at their helix choices? Would definitely add a layer of strategy and synergy to a game like this.

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No pls no… Ppl make fun of gear mistake, i dont want this with helix…

Maybe 3-5 seconds to change your Helix … Yes plz

Hey Dante,

Do you fear information overload? On a team that isn’t a 5 man pre-made (or any type of pre-made - which is common), I don’t know how this could really hurt a team. The more information the better right?

Especially if it’s easily accessible via scoreboard in a simillar way that Gear is.

Re-reading your post, it seems like its because you don’t want people making fun of other’s non ideal helix choices?

That’s why it shouldnt be viewable?


I don’t think it should be viewable because that takes away some of the strategy.
One think that makes a better player is being able to distinguish what helixes the enemy chose. If everyone could just check and see it wouldn’t be as interesting.
It’d be kinda like reading the other teams playbook, no more surprises.

Seems pretty reasonable. I think it could help newer players out to see the potential synergys between characters and there helixes

What about if it was just that you can see your own team’s helix’s? That’s what I actually meant.


Oooh okay. That could be cool.

I REALLY don’t see the point, because if your teammate makes a poor choice, sure, you can throw on a mic and tell them, but by then it’s too late; an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and new players should be looking for advice BEFORE they choose a helix, which is what a mic allows them to do already.

Plus, if someone was to jump on their mic and even POLITELY tell me that they don’t agree with my choice, i’d get mad; just because you don’t like my choice or understand why i took it, does not mean i want to hear about it. This isn’t even counting the a**holes who will jump on any say something along the lines of “what the fck are you taking ___ for, you fcking idiot!”.

All in all, i see ZERO benefit from this idea. I don’t mean to come off as mean or dismissive of your opinion either; just giving mine.


Breaking Character…

It would be interesting… but it would also open up a whole new Pandora’s box of mic spam.
When I play on random teams in PVP (that is… when I can actually get into a multiplayer game on PC) and the team starts losing… the mic spam and text chat spam starts flying… And in their frustration, they will use every, single, visible statistic of their teammates to hurl insults. From number of enemies killed to number of assists, to gear selections, to play style based on 5 to 10 seconds of watching another player after dying.

The visible statistics are neat for spectators. They’re neat for playback to watch later if you want to analyze your performance. They’re neat if you are teaching someone else how to play the game for the first time.

But in game, in PVP, or even in PVE for that matter, when you’re not playing with people you know… any visible statistics just give the douchebags on your team more ammunition to use against anyone they view as the weakest link. I.E. - Everyone but said douchebags.

It’s just an open invitation for bullying criticism and toxicity.
As far as being useful so you can know tactically what to pick yourself… ehhh… you can just ask your Kleese if he picked the heal chair. Or ask your Alani if they picked the healing with Riptide or with Geyser.

Knowing everyone’s helix choices at every level, especially for selections that don’t even give teammates a bonus seems unnecessary and nasty bait for trolls.


I don’t see much strategy been used by seeing your teammate helixes. Every experienced player know the usual helixes and abilities from certain toons that are always picked. For example: helix 1 for Galilea is the pull…

Other good players like to go outside the usual and pick other helixes (me as an example with Galilea without the pull). If this option becomes available, those players that try uncommon helixes might get discrimated/insulted by their own teammates

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I understand and I respect your opinions.

With this mindset, one could argue that they should just get rid of many - if not all - stats on the scoreboard all together. Damage taken, damage received? Healing Given - can’t have that visible to the trolls either. :slight_smile:

But alas, I think the game has survived with stats such as these (plus gear type view able) and I think the addition would be less toxic than one would think for something such as helix choices.

But I do know what you are saying. And I know where you are coming from.

Hmm… Maybe I am missing something…

We are allowed to see the stats of gears during a match right? Or is that only post game?

I would be all for it less visibility of stats, to be honest. We already have enough issues with matchmaking, and that definitely brings out the toxicity for some players who end up in lower level teams vs higher level teams. Having all stats be flatly visible (often with little context as to what was going on in the actual match) fuels their ammunition, as @Benedict_87 said.

As much as I wish we could put in more for teaching purposes, I’m jaded with online PvP and don’t expect more positive than negatives.


I fully agree with the “remove all stats” argument, and am thankful that there are not leaderboards; or at least that i haven’t seen them…


A month after release or so, a guy on mic asked one of us to play Kelvin and another guy on mic said sure. The Miko-lore-achiever gave tips and the new guy eventually decided to play him in the future. One of the best in game exchanges I’ve seen


I’ve had good exchanges too; but they PALE in comparison to the bad exchanges, which were addmitedly back before it was 90% veteran players.


Without trying to derail the post too much, it’d be fun if Gearbox could release weekly/monthly/lifetime stats regarding the popularity of helix choices. Regardless of whether those numbers are in-game, through Battleplans or similar means. In that sense I’d be up for it. It’d be interesting through such stats then to see how oneself relates to the majority.


Responding to the OP, I don’t see why this should be necessary. You should be able to determine what helixes your teammates and enemies took by just watching them play.


This. If you can’t tell what your teammates are using, then you’ll never be able to figure out what your opponents are using, which is far more important information to have. I’d much rather force you to learn how to figure it out for yourself, so that you have the ability to do so when the enemy comes calling.

Plus I really wouldn’t want my less experienced teammates spending all their time loading up the scoreboard and clicking through menus, and thus being killed because they were easy pickings.