Seek Out Tannis storyline mission bugged

So . . . . They never fixed these game-breaking bugs.

Play through 2, after reaching New Haven and finishing Power to the People, I cannot complete Seek Out Tannis. The game does not advance or allow me to turn the mission in.

I’ve read this happens in all Borderlands games, at some point.

Is there any way passed this? If not, I’m done. I’ve got a life that needs attention, too.

Typically, if a mission is broken like this the usual way to fix it is to join somebody’s game with the same mission and have them complete the mission. Just make sure they’re on PT2 and they don’t have any of the viral missions like the Dr. Zed mission.

What platform are you on?

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PC. And I’m afraid I don’t know how to join someone else’s game.

I presume you talked to claptrap first? And now you can not turn in the mission to Tannis right?

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Well, that part is checked off, but I don’t remember doing it. I went from Tetanus Warrens to New Haven, to Tannis—with no stops in between.

I think what happened is that I never talked to the Claptrap outside the gate to Rust Commons West; I used the Fast Travel Network to reach Tannis, instead.

Now, however, the point is moot. The power to the house went out just after I warped into New Haven to go find that Claptrap. The game file was corrupted, and I have no backup.

Oh man, that’s rough. Look, if you ever need a helping hand with something on PC just shoot me a message here. Though, if you’re frustrated and done with BL1 I get it, it sounds like you’ve had a rough time.


That’s is most common error on pt2 people do, go straight to Tannis, been there done that…
Bummer about your save file! Backing up files is important, especially after you reach the end game and start collecting some precious loot.

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I’ve started acting like it’s 1999 with my backups, saving duplicates every couple missions!

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