Seeking a good solo build

I’m still working on maxing my Mordecai in BL1, but I like to pre-plan my builds in advance so I figure I’ll get a head start if I can.

I know I want to do a melee build. I’m just not sure which tree to venture down at the start. I play by myself, and I’m not very good at making up my own builds. So if someone could help me (or create one for me) make a build, I’d be grateful.

I’ve never tried a melee character in Borderlands before, so any advice or gear to look out for would be great too. It will be a new challenge but I feel like it’ll be a fun one.

Side note: Every video I see of people playing a rampaging melee Krieg, when do you stop to loot? haha. Guess you don’t need to if you’re showing off your maxed out build, but still.

Anyway, I appreciate any help/advice before I venture forth and axe some questions. (questions = faces)

Fair warning, Melee in this game is very different that using guns. I think it’s kinda obvious, but it needs to be said.

The awesome thing about Melee Krieg, is that he is very gear independant. As long as you keep on top of upgrading your shield, you shouldn’t have any problems. In fact it is possible to get all the way to level 72 firing only a handfull of bullets.

if you plan to start off with mania (it is a very viable way to start, regardless of what some people say) there are a few things you should know:

  • Buzz axe rampage (BXR) has it’s cooldown reduced when you take damage (both to your sheild and health bars)
  • This effect stacks with Fuel the rampage, so before you get to level 31, fuel the rampage is awesome
  • becasue you don’t have a good way to heal yourself in the early game, Embrace the pain and Feed the meat should be avoided becasue of the sheild recharge delay increases, however at levels 31+ they are both quite strong.
  • Thrill of the kill is really good in the early game, giving you a way to heal yourself outside of BXR, (don’t put more than one point into it though, you don’t get nearly as much value as the first point)
  • Redeem the soul is good in solo becasue of the FFYL time, likewise, don’t underestimate Light the fuse in normal and UVHM, espicially if you dont have great gear (but don’t use it in TVHM, it does no damage in that mode)
  • I recomend taking Silence the Voices early, jsut so you can get used to playing with it before the game actually gets hard, but it’s not mandatory.
  • before level 31, look for shields that have reletively quick rechage rates and can take a few hits, you can use them to get BXR back up faster.

Regardless of how you got to this point, when you hit level 31, the build you want to switch to is this or the StV-less version.
You can take the point out of light the fuse and put it in salt the wound if you want, this is just my preference.

After this point, you have to make a decision; you can either go with a mania/bloodlust build or a mania/hellborn build.
Note that I skiped Pain is Power in both builds, while it does give melee damage, with all of your other melee bonuses, it ends up not giving much and you lose a ton of damage on crits if you take it.

As far as gear goes, after level 31, look for Roid or Addaptive shields, Sickle COMs, and slag grenades, for guns, pretty much anything will work, but most of your damage will probably come from Release the beast anyway, so don’t worry too much about it.



How grateful? Our advice isn’t free…well, it is, but still. :dukejk:

Max out these skills in this order:

  • Empty the Rage.
  • Feed the Meat.
  • Fuel the Rampage.
  • Strip the Flesh (only if you’re using explosive weapons, otherwise skip it for Salt the Wound).
  • Light the Fuse (only if you have the above maxed).
  • Put a point into Thrill of the Kill.
  • Salt the Wound.
  • If you find out you’re dying too quickly (not going into FFYL, but actually dying), grab Redeem the Soul.

When you hit level 31 and can get Release the Beast, get rid of Fuel the Rampage and Thrill of the Kill. If you’re having trouble killing enemies while rampaging, grab Silence the Voices, but be ready to smack yourself in the head a lot. Otherwise, start either Bloodlust or Hellborn depending on your playstyle. The former is focused on explosions and the later about elemental weaponry and setting yourself on fire.

If you’re going Bloodlust, max the following:

  • Blood Filled Guns
  • Taste of Blood
  • Fuel the Blood
  • Buzz Axe Bombardier
  • Blood Bath (only works for explosive weaponry and grenades)
  • Boiling Blood
  • Nervous Blood
  • Bloodsplosion

That’ll leave you three points to play around with - put them wherever you want.

And go with what Wings said as well because he knows what he’s talking about:

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This helped me a lot when I started.

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Melee Krieg is mental, it is a completely different playstyle to anything else I had played, took a while to get the hang of, and when it works, it’s awesome, and when it fails, it fails hard.

My one piece of advice, always keep a good corrosive gun on hand for buzzards, as they are a real PITA for melee Krieg, otherwise, follow the build advice from the fellows above.

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if you go Hellborn, max everything excepting Flame Flare and Hellfire Halitosis

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Very grateful :stuck_out_tongue:

To all of you.

This is a lot of awesome information to process and dig through and nerd out with. I’m excited to try him out :smiley:

Thank you all very, very much.

Good. Now you must name your firstborn after us. :dukecigar:

He’s a lot of fun once you figure out his idiosyncrasies. By the way, you should totally ignore Hellborn, it’s a silly tree.

You’re welcome very very much. Let us know if you have any further questions and we’ll do our best to ignore answer them.

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I see what you did there :stuck_out_tongue:

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he asked for a melee build

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What Wings said:

If you’re going melee start with the mania tree. Personally this is how I would spec down to release the beast. After that bloodlust is the way you’ll want to go if you’re going for a melee build.

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Because without moxxi and FoTFH, B/H builds are awful.
Well, they’re awful even with moxxi xD

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Sorry guys miss read the OP. Didn’t mean to my bad

Speaking from experience I am in complete agreement with this. In the OP levels, you’re better off with a Mania/Hellborn or Mania/Bloodlust build because Hellborn and Bloodlust don’t play well together.

StV-less melee Krieg is viable up to 72. Get a roid shield and you’re good to go.

Okay. Thank you for letting me know. Went back and edited that post to fix it.

I’m aware of that. I personally prefer running StV though.

Just remember to not use a roid shield once you start speccing into StV because the extra damage will be applied to your head. Go with an adaptive or Rough Rider for the extra health.