Seeking advice about my build

It’s a hypothetical, and i want to know if i should continue furthering it or scrap it.

I play with one friend (Nisha) so i play an explosions/support character. I basically just cobbled together a bunch of top tier skills and guns into a build, so it might not have good synergy.

1st gun
Can’t go wrong with an explosive shotgun.

2nd gun
Too Scoops
Too scoops is pretty simple: Freeze, SWAB. Repeat as necessary. Works pretty well for single targets.

3rd gun
Torgue pistol
Wiki hasn’t updated with exact names. Maybe an injector, or 88.

4th gun
The “Please die now” gun. Only for emergencies.

Purple Tediore
Turns Killbot from “-shield +health” to “+health”

Bonus Package
Because explosions.

Oz Kit
Duality (+Exp damage in vacuum, -shield delay in atmosphere)
The vacuum thing doesn’t bother Claptrap, since he doesn’t consume oz.

Purple Audacious Sapper

Skill tree:,auto

Please tell me anything i could improve on.

EDIT: Thanks, Hoyle!

I mean duh its a flakker OLT its gonna work. However, It’s not really focused at all as its kinda all over the place. You kinda have some weapons from an OLT focus, an LnS focus, and a SWAB focus all in one build, each ideally using somewhat mutually-exclusive specialized COMs. Then you have a random catering to a non-boosted ML in your grenades which is a build in itself.

You put a bet on every horse, you’re gonna end up losing one way or another.

EDIT: You also need a supplement COM to ur Duality that’s not useless in atmosphere, like a tranquility or a purge or a bomber. Also take the point in safety first its literally like his best 1 point wonder.

  1. Scrap the IVF in place of a ravager or something along those lines.
  3. Too Scoops will be promoted to secondary, and mainly used for DPS buffs from cryo, either with the flakker, my teammate doing it, or SWAB.
  4. Will go research a good secondary Oz kit.
  5. Safety first with a point taken out of thick and thin.

Will that make it better?

Yeah I guess that’s fine at least you’re catering to the same COM. You might wanna try a Torgue pistol as your sidearm or a non shotgun that caters to olt or an elemental shotgun supreme to help with the occasional element matching.

My friend (Nisha) really likes Zarpy’s 100% accuracy shock pistol, and we haven’t found much of a need for any other element.