Seeking Advice on Caldarius

Back at release, I dabbled in Caldarius, but wasn’t very good and I dropped him. Every once in a while, I would pick him up in a PvP and go like 3/10 and be sad and not go back. Now is the time I am getting serious about getting good with him. I know it’s silly to try to learn a character right before a big patch, but I want to use bot battle as kind of a training grounds. So, I am looking for tips, tricks, and tactics to use when playing Caldarius.

What helix choices do you use?
What items (types or specific) do you use? PvP or PvE
What non-intuitive tips do you use to maximize his abilities?
What skins/taunts do you like best?
Is he an Autobot or Decepticon?


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Just some ideas of what you want to run on him. You can also run more of an attack speed build and it synergies well with his level 2 helix that increases his melee attack speed for more burst.

On Incursion your job would be to harass the healer since he excels at this due to his constant wound and blind along with the ability to escape almost anything. Grabbing shards is also one of his main jobs since he can zip around the map and build everything to level faster and help push minions.

On Meltdown he excels at clearing his wave extremely fast then rotating to provide pressure on the other lane. his gun is mean’t to harass and poke while his melee is mean’t for high burst damage thanks to his kit. The combo is take off around 10-20 of their health with poke from your gun then blind them with triple flashbang and burst dash them for the 20% melee speed and burn down their health with melee. Always save your ult to finish someone at 20% or lower health and focus the healer first if possible and If not wound and blind the tank so your team can take him down.

Overall you want to play safe and focus Shepards first since your flashbang leaves the other wave helpless for 3 seconds. After the Shepard is dead dive on the support or squishiest character in lane and harass them until they leave or you pick up the kill. Always jump around when possible to avoid damage. Back when I played on PS4 I remapped my jump to L1 so I could aim and shoot at the same time. Minions always come first and Cal can cripple the enemy wave for 3 seconds which means your minions will eat the other wave for you.

Hope that helps :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, it does help! I do have a couple follow up questions.

Is the -20% cooldown on flashbang at level 6 better than the slow? I have been alternating and I feel like the slower is essentially a finisher, because if I hit them, they are dead, but the more flashbangs, the better. Is it an always clear cut choice or is it more match dependent?

Does 5.6% movement speed really make a difference, especially when you take the Overdrive at level 3?
I understand why attack speed is valuable but is skill damage better than attack damage? Is max health better with him than health regen or is it a personal choice?I have been running a set of attack speed/attack damage/health regen (all common, no negatives) and have been really liking it. But you’re recommending go cooldown, skill damage and spam Flashbang? Stay at range and then close the distance when a character is low?

Thanks for tips on strategy too

I go for something similar that @Dr_H0H0 suggested except I sometimes switch on level 7 depensing depending on the situation and I also go for Phasebang at level 9 since triple banging an entire minion wave can reduce its cooldown to 12 seconds.

I could care less about PvE so I’ll just focus on the PvP aspects. Caldarius is very flexible when it comes to gear. I run a purple Jennerit glove that gives attack damage and attack speed, a purple Jennerit vest that gives health and attack damage, and a free shard gen with minus heal power. What @Dr_H0H0 suggested is good and can work as well.

Take the fullest advantage of his mobility. Know who on the enemy team has slows and do your best to avoid those slows. Be smart about your grav burst usage between using it to escape or for offense. Grav burst+two melee swipes into flashbang into AA is really nice burst and is usually enough to finish off most squishies if they’re at around 75% health or below. Mainly try to go for squishies or supports. Flashbang waves to stun them and finish them off.

Default skin for maximum sexiness and applause taunt for maximum insult.

Decepticon all the way.


This ^ I forgot about the change because the site isn’t updated. Take Phasebang 100% of the time.


Take Lateral Thrusters at level 5 as it dramatically improves your base movement speed. In fact, it improves it so much that whatever sensitivity you normally use is going to be found lacking; I normally bump it up two or three notches whenever I play Caldarius in order to keep up with his movement.

Flashbang is excellent at forcing enemies to disengage but also probably the best kill secure in the game. If you come across an enemy who looks already likely to run, save it and either hit them as they turn to run (forcing them to usually start going in the wrong direction) or finish them with it as they escape.

Gravitic Burst has a push effect, but it can be canceled by holding L2 as you hit - the animation snaps into his sword swing, but it’ll still deal normal damage and you’ll tack on 150ish damage from the sword swing as well.

His lore gear is fantastic and encourages you to waveclear with his ult, since it gives you a tremendous chunk of lifesteal. This fixes a large weakness of his kit (no sustain) and lets you solo harass much more effectively. On a related note, his ult tends to clip geometry a lot in Overgrowth thanks to low-hanging roots; be very careful using it around big shard and at the choke, where he often accidentally hits a badly-formed corner up in the air.

Use Applause. It’s by far the most insulting taunt in the game.


I did not know that. Know I do. Thank you.

This I do not agree with. His ult, while buggy as all f*ck, is an amazing kill confirming tool or escape if it really comes down to it. It’s sort of a waste to use it on wave clear even if it’s a 50% life steal on everything it hits. You’d be better off retreating to a supply station, teleporting, or having your healer top you off. It also doesn’t do enough damage to really clear a minion wave unless it’s already damaged so it leaves you vulnerable to minion and enemy team fire.

Thanks guys, you have given me so ideas for loadouts to try.

I haven’t done this myself but I hear that if you know how to do it you can stack movement speed with gear and make him awesome. Make his strength even stronger I guess.

Well, I spent all weekend getting to know Caldarius well. Now, I get to do it again in the dojo! After reading the patch notes, I feel like it was a buff, what are some of your thoughts

They’re trying to fix some of his useless stuff but it shouldn’t change much for what his best helixes are. Still, buffs were the last thing he needed.

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