Seeking Co-Op Partners

Hello I am currently seeking others to join through a playthrough with on borderlands i am currently relieving the experience it brings once more after been away for it for so long so i hope to meet others who would be interested in going through a playthrough of the game with me

My Psn ID is Shadow_Nathan23

I am currently playing as a lvl 24 Solider (although it may not be that level after this post as i tend to do quests quite often)

hope to see y’all in-game eventually

Hey i am able to play borderlands 2 or tps either or. Id peffer if i can play borderlands 2 co-op because i have completed borderlands tps but i can play tps still. Psn Gammer tag: thejackman81

Well I live in the sticks and am in the process of getting some Internet out here advertised as being good for online gaming.

If so I will hit you up. All of my friends are like just play BL2 or BL:TPS. They are good games but I like to go back to a games roots sometimes.

Playing borderlands 2 Co op online right now just invite me to play…Online ID:Datu_Rosyamjr

This thread hasnt been active in over a year. Wont find much help here. And this is the Borderlands 1 co op category. You want this one