Seeking Community Day heads (Krieg and Maya)

Seeking Community day heads for Krieg and Maya.

I’ve got a ton of Legendaries, Pearls, and so on, ranging from 13-OP8 ( I’m a hoarder) also willing to farm for whatever you may need, or even help some one power level.

Thanks and happy hunting.

Ummm… I might be able to help, but I’m only on ps3…wonder if the cross save feature would work if I gave them to you on a ps3 character ( if you have ps3) and you cross-saved that character to ps4?

These items won’t actually stay in your inventory after you save and quit, you can’t trade them.

They can’t be traded? Really? I figured they were like any other item.

To my knowledge, there are only some heads that aren’t tradable and those are the DLC package heads that you have to purchase.

According to the Gearbox website :

When you transfer your save, here’s what comes along with it:

Character level and all mission progress
Badass Points (all of these will transfer, but you’ll get to re-spend them)
Backpack inventoryWeapon slots
Cash and Eridum/Moonstones
All unlocked character customizations (heads/skins) ***note that customizations obtained from Telltale’s Poker Night 2 will be added in a patch following launch***Items stored in the bank in Sanctuary

Note that items stored in Claptrap’s Secret Stash in Borderlands 2
will NOT transfer along with your save, so be sure to move anything you
can’t live without to the bank. Trophies and Achievements will also not
transfer over and will need to be re-earned.

( this sounds like it might work if it is unlocked on the ps3 character )

The offer is open if you can’t find a PS4 taker, which seems like a lot less hassle.

…so, if anyone else reads this thread…we figured out that…

  • Yes, the heads are tradeable
  • Unlock the heads BEFORE you try to cross-save from PS3 to PS4
  • Contrary to popular belief, the blue water in the toilet is NOT Kool-Aid…no matter how much you want it to be.
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I’d like to get a hold of these heads too, but I don’t know any way to get them as my copy of BL2 was stolen when they did the community day for them. So I couldn’t really get them.

Anyone have a spare Krieg gead? I have lots of heads/skins/legendaries i can trade (only up to level60) ive been looking for this head for friggin ever!