Seeking Fragtrap Advice

So, my Fragtrap is now level 70. The above is my current build. Once I get him better armed, I plan to respec, and at least take Triple Clocked, which I initially skipped to avoid the increased penalties while leveling. Didn’t want to get stuck with a subroutine and be forced to use an under leveled weapon.

I’m pretty happy with the points I have invested in the Boomtrap and I Love You Guys trees. I might be persuaded to shift a few points around here or there, but for the most part I plan to keep them how they are.

What I’m unsure of is the lower half of Fragmented Fragtrap. I love the Rainbow Coolant Skill for Laser Inferno, so I want to keep points there, but I’m uncertain that the way I currently have them is the best it could be. So, how should I shuffle those points around?

Thank you in advance for all advice, even if I don’t take it all.

What kind of weapons are you using. Explosives, Jakobs, melee hybrid, etc…?

It’s a bit difficult to give you any advice when we don’t know the gear you plan to use. The only suggestion I can make at the moment is that the Celestial Fragtrap isn’t the best COM to use. No matter the build there is a better option for it, and the skills it boosts are kind of random.

Also, even in solo, All the Things Are Awesome will work better for you most of the time than Through Thick and Thin. The cooldown rate may help you get to your panic heal faster, but generally you want to avoid needing the panic heal. Between Maniacal Laughter + Rainbow Coolant, Killbot, YGtLM + It’s a Trap…Card, and the shield subroutine, you should have enough healing to not need to rely on Vault Hunter.exe. Relying on it for heals could screw you up if you get a bad action package.

Calling Clappy experts; @Hoyle4, @Exotek, @Gulfwulf. Do you guys have any advice for our friend here?

This is what I usually run with a mostly Torgue loadout. I will agree about the CL COM: there are better ones available and you should match your COM to your skills.

Coincidental Combustion is only really worth if you run full cryo/explosive build. Take the points from CC and max both Drop The Hammer and Killbot.
Depending on guns you use i would remove Organized Guns are Happy.
If you match guns to subroutine, i would take Tripleclocked.

Primarily, I use Torgue and Tediore guns, with the exception of sniper rifles, since neither manufacturer makes them. Tediore lasers and SMGs, Torgue Assault Rifles, Shotguns and Pistols. Not sure what I’m going to do for snipers long term, it will depend on what I find and experiment with.

I do match the subroutines as best as I’m able. Like I said, I plan to take Triple Clocked, I just want to make sure I can cover all bases before I respec.

For a shield, I’m currently using a Blast Proof Deadly Bloom. Claptrap has so many nova powers, it just seems to fit him thematically. I also gave him my spare Avalanche for when melee subroutines come up, though if there is one subroutine I might drop, it’s melee.

And I don’t really rely on Vault Hunters.exe for emergency heals, though that is nice in a pinch. I just like getting my power off as quickly as possible for any character.

For Claptrap, that might not be a good habit to get into. Remember, tripleclocked gives you One Shot Wonder, the (IMO) second worst action package. Especially with the weapons you’re using, most of them would be horrible with OSW, and it activates under the same conditions as funzerker and mechromagician most of the time IIRC, so it’ll come up a fair bit.

If you watch most claptrap builds in action (the few that there are on youtube), most make it a point not to use the action skill unless they need to. There aren’t enough good action packages to offset the amount of times you’ll get something marginally useful to absolutely dreadful.

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