Seeking melee Amara & Splash-Dmg Moze items

Looking for:

Any legendary pistol with the anointment: after phaseslam + melee damage AND an inherent +80% or better melee damage (first choice would be psycho stabber but would also take a pestilence or something like that)

Fire-elemental Fastball. A good Moze anointment would be nice but not required.

Cryo and corrosive laser sploders.

Brawler Ward with melee after phaseslam anointment.

Have: anointed flakkers; DP alchemist; Cosmic Stalker COM w/ AR and Grenade Dmg; anointed shock Rowan’s ; Night Hawkin ; Breaker COM w/ Find Your Center (no melee Dmg affix though) ; AAA ; Commander Planetoid artifacts (multiple versions) ; rad Woodblocker; anointed Rad Fearmonger; anointed The Duc (2 of them) ; The Dictator. Or ask about anything not listed. I don’t have a ton of god-roll items because I don’t have as much time as I’d like to farm.

Your help is appreciated.

I have a Redundant Face Puncher with 300% weapon damage after phaseslam. Do you have any anointed Kill-'o-the-Wisps or artifacts with reduced cooldown and elemental damage?

I’m not looking for a face-puncher; I’ve already got one.

I do have a Kill o the Wisp but it isn’t anointed. Don’t think I have any artifacts with the particular affixes you want but I will double-check & update this post if I find any.

I have a corrosive fastball I don’t want - might be useful for maliwan takedown

cool, thanks. and just to be sure, is your face puncher redundant? if not i’ll send mine anyway since it’s twice the projectile count

No, my face puncher isn’t redundant.

fyi redundant FP’s have twice the projectile count, twice the melee hits

I know about the advantages of redundant. I’ll definitely take it even though it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I don’t have any artifacts with both elemental Dmg and cool down; do you want my Kill o the Wisp? Or something else from the list?