Seeking players with mics, any at all will do

If you have a microphone and own an Xbox one, congrats as you’re apparently one of very few who play this game… But seriously, if you want someone to play with that actually talks, hit me up gt Wuna2010, I’ll be happy to play with anyone.


Yup, hard to find anyone with a mic

gt - beedub321

usually on late and always down to play

Add me Stroker85, I’m on late too

I also play on Xbox One.
I also have a mic.
Anyone, feel free to add me.


The 00 in manb00b are zeroes btw.
I also play on pc, but not nearly as much. Only to play with my brother occasionally.

I play on my days off work for several hours a day. Add me . COOLhandlucas82

i got a mic bought this game a few days ago add me if you wanna play pve or pve teach me or help me out or just have fun and talk.

anyone can add me if you read this
xbox one name is AcendedXBlade