Seeking Variety of M10 Items

All M10 of course

Monarchs: Corrosive and Shock w/ ASA 200 or SNTNL Cryo; Fire and Rad ASA 200.

Any non-Kinetic with 250 Phasecast.

Kaosons: Corrosive Or Cryo with ASE 100 weapon Dmg, ASE 125 splash, or IB 160 splash;

Any non-kinetic w/ ASA 200 or 300v90

Everblasts: Must be Homing MIRV. Any element including Kinetic accepted. 150 rad under 50, ASE 100, ASE 125 splash, or IB 160.

Laser-Sploders: IB 160 or ASE 125 splash, any elements.

Plaguebearers: IB 160 or ASE 125 splash, any elements (no radiation).

Unseen Threat: 20K+ damage and 300v90

Sand Hawk: Corrosive; ASA 200, CH, or SNTNL Cryo

Old God: Corrosive with SNTNL move speed

Boom Sickle: Rad, 300v90

Soulrender: Rad, GB 115 anoint

I have a lot of M10 gear available including high-tier Zane, Amara, and Moze stuff as well as a smattering of Fl4k gear. OPQs, Cakes, Krakatoa, Hellshock, Redistributors, a few of the new M6+ guns, etc. Frankly the last time I put an exhaustive list up I think it was just too darn long for anyone to bother reading so I’m not doing that again.

Let me know what you’re looking for and I will get back to you.

EDIT: Updated 5/22, new wants added.

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I have a unflappable unseen threat with asa+200%. It was a m10 drop got any elemental kybs or rad x1 kaosuns with splash or consec hits annoints?

Got a M10 x3 Kybs with CH. Would that work?

Gt Trip A Random

That Kyb’s will be sent tonight.

Also to any other readers: Updating OP later tonight as week, a generous soul gifted me the Redistributors but I’ve got some other wants that I will post.

K when u add me ill send your unseen right over thanks btw!

Added you and sent. Enjoy!

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Sent it over thanks gonna go wreak joey with it!

Shameless bump.

Added new items to want list.

What ya got far as moze gear i like CH annoint
Ive got a tiggs boom after phasecast +250% its corrosive. Ive got a cryo redistributor asa+200 ill trade as well

Moze Gear:
(Nades & shields)
CMT w/ ASE Rad
Hex nades (several variants including Mirv-tacular, Recurring, Mitosis)
Front Loaders

CH guns:
Foursum (corrosive)
Night Hawkin
Hyperfocus (kinetic)
Barrage (Rad)
Kaos (corrosive) (The AR, not the Kaoson)
Shredifier (Fire)
Star Helix (Cryo)
Trevonator (shock/fire)
Insider (Fire/Rad)
Lyuda (kinetic)
Kyb’s x3 (Fire/Rad)

May have a couple others that I missed. Let me know if you’re interested in any of these.

I like the sound of that Cryo/shock Kyb’s with splash anoint.

What kind of stuff are you looking for?

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Got any 300/90 mayhem 6+ weapons, opq system 8000+ 300/90 or x2 yellowcake 300/90 maybe or 200asa would be great too

Id be glad to trade you for the rad barrage would you like the tiggs for it?

@planeandcimpy201 - Tiggs for the Barrage, yes.

@dpitts : I think I have the OPQ you want. Will check tonight. If I have it I’ll send it to you.

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If not bro the ch reflux would be awesome too

Sent it over :wink:

I’ll send over the splash kybs in a little while just got up :slight_smile: what’s your gamertag bro?

Found that OPQ, had actually given it to my fiancé’s character and didn’t figure it out until now.

Sending now.

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Cool no worries I’ll send over the kybs shortly buddy.