Seems like it will be an unbalanced mess

I’ve only played about an hour so far but from what I can tell so far this game is going to be an unbalanced mess. Human Torch for instance seems like an incredibly cheap instakill when used correctly and I can already tell that without being able to change your cards based on what your opponent will be using there will be some matches that are completely one sided simply because you don’t have any way to counter them.

I also question the repeated draw of a game that puts you into 1v1 matches with no real objective other than kill the other guy. I mean maybe it’s built for the losers who are always like “1v1 me bruh 1v1 me” when playing team based death matches in other games. You know that you never have to worry about one of your teammates ksing you or one of their teammates killing you because you didn’t maintain situational awareness and I feel that negatively impacts the stakes of an engagement.

I’m sorry if it’s not the most constructive of feedback but without a way to balance matches/loadouts/weapons against each other I just can’t see this holding people’s attention.

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I can tell it will be a mess, too. my first ranked match was against a guy who was able to place down a turret. the final score was 2-15…talk about unbalance ranked matching. I am hoping that they rework the ranked match. the guy was level 3 and he had around 300 MMRs or what ever the point thing is. As for my take on the rocket launcher, they should have started everyone with shotguns and automatic weapons. the launcher is too OP to start the game with and since there’s no reloading. Any one can spam the fire button and get kills through splash damage.

Feel the same. Was playing for about an hour. Won my first match 7-6. Lost my second 7-9. Third and possible last match ever was a guy who could morph into a Bat, Eat my health through walls and every kill seemed to put him at full health, had 150 health and placed turrets all over the map it was 0-17. I gave up trying when the score hit 0-10 and just proceeded to kill my self to slow his kill count down. F this game until they can fix this OP stuff.

While in it’s current state P1v1 has problems it isn’t meant to be a game as much as it is an opportunity to test out and speed the development process of the game. It is a Pre-Alpha after all.

I don’t agree with the first section. The game offers you to carry three “skills” (cards). This in my opinion is enough to bring something offensive and something defensive in almost every situation. The same applies to weapons. If you bring something more powerful and risky, that is the player’s decision to take the risk. The player needs to be aware that they don’t have certain abilities and needs to adjust their gameplay accordingly. Now I’m not saying they are balanced yet, but that’s the point of the beta.

For the second part, it’s basically a deathmatch game. It’s meant to be like that. Many games that have shaped the history of video games are just like that. Look at doom as an example. The 1v1 part makes it so that you are not influenced by mistakes of your teammates and everything is in your hands. I think that is cool and rare to find in games. Of course this will not be a good game for people who like to hangout with buddies and play together (unless they like killing each other :wink: ).

I’d say give it a little more gameplay and you may change your mind on some of these points.

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Yes, people need to realize that this is not a game, its a concept. If this even becomes a game it would be over a year away and have vastly more balance, hints, etc. I dont agree with some of the current cards or card leveling, but thats why we are here, to give feedback. So people need to not freak out over the imbalanced things, lag, bad ui, etc.


Wow, what OP says sounds like it’s a closed technical test, oh, that’s what it is… please people don’t freak out, pack your feedback properly so the developers can work on it. And in a small group of closed technical testers you can’t give much consideration to match making, unless you want to wait 1h for an opponent.

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I think it’s a little early to call it an “unbalanced mess”. Yes, there are things that feel unbalanced, but this game is so incredibly fresh that no one really knows how high of a skill cap it has.

Also, your point about sometimes being completely countered by your opponent’s kit is just the nature of any game with deck building elements. The entire point is you keep mixing and matching builds till you can find something that works and maintains an overall positive winrate over many rounds (hence the short match times). Want to try a goofy cheese deck? Go for it. Prefer something more versatile that can adapt to anything? Also viable. And don’t forget, the game right now is extremely bare bones, with so few ability cards as there are it’s going to be hard to tell exactly how much freedom there is going to be in terms of deck assembly.

well I kinda think its fun. in other games i usually get blindsided by enemies because my teammates mostly don’t do anything except be snipers and not particularly good ones. so I get doubled teamed or triple teamed. but for this its fun just to have one guy to worry about. However only thing that seems unbalanced is the fact you get a rocket launcher and the shotgun just feels…useless. so maybe if they made it something you had to fight for like placing it on the map or something, because in all my matches nobody uses anything else and neither do I

IMO it isn’t that unbalanced. Yes there are some cards that can easily swing the game to your opponents favor, looking at you bit blaster or whatever your name is… But some of the cards have easy counters.

Take Human Torch as stated by OP, yes it is strong, but I can think of three cards atm to counter it. The bubble barrier completely nullifies its effect and throws all that damage back at your opponent. Use Recall to teleport away soon as they activate its ability. You could also use that one card that card that teleports you back 4 seconds (can’t remember the name) to escape.

This also depends on you actually having those cards. Keep in mind this is like a…“pre-alpha” so I doubt any of these gripes will make it into the full game. I am enjoying it so far :slight_smile:

It feels like a tf2 knockoff and an overwatch copy had a sad baby that doesn’t run well, and it seems like it will be VERY unbalanced and my first and last match was a messy laggy sad match that was very very one sided with me walking into walls and dying? doesn’t seem like a game I will like but a bad idea but at least it does some things better than other games EXACTLY like this but hey you can rocket jump

Overwatch was heavily inspired by TF2 which comes from TFC which comes from heavy inspiration from quake. So none of this is really new. Its all just changing old concepts and polishing them into better game. So i wouldn’t condemn the game just yet.

I understand that this is a test-bed pre-alpha, but some of the stuff that is still broken is going to make me stop playing because of pure irritation factor. The fact that right now your MMR can get hammered not because you aren’t playing enough and trying to improve or not paying attention to your card load out - but because there seems to be “reverse ping discrimination”, weapons that suddenly stop firing just long enough to cost you a kill, ridiculous health placement, chests that give you ability upgrades with almost never any weapons upgrades, etc.

The fact that the guy you just killed respawns with 100% health, but you don’t get a bump in yours. Yeah, I’m sure health regen abilities are on the way to take up one of your precious card slots - but it seems like a significant oversight in the beginning rounds. Even if you camped on a health spawn site, they are too few and far between to get you back up to 100 in a reasonable time - so the guy you just killed gets an extra bonus of getting to jump on you while your health is down. Your skill in being able to get a kill in the first place is negated by getting to immediately fight an opponent with 100% heath.

In the last few battles I played, I was against a guy with a ping of over 200 to my 60. I would watch him run behind cover on the other side of the map then instantly appear next me. And this was on the Heart map - no warp points. At least 3 times I had him dead to rights with my kill shot lined up and my weapon quit firing for over 2 seconds. You can’t build the right skills and reflexes for something like a 1v1 when the timing keeps changing.

The fact that the actual playability is so bad further re-enforces my belief that this thing is never meant to see the light of day as a real game. That’s why I think it truly is a pure test bed and the real objective is not this game but another end game. I think it is a vehicle to push the MetaVerse, VR, and VR goggles - which is what I was talking about in the post I quoted below.