Seems overwatch has aimbotters to

so a google search will bring up overwatch suffers from aimbotters to.

our pain is not alone

the other day i was grouped with some one who was loud saying better let me be marquees i know how to get there sentry, im the best marques ever my k/D ratio is flawless. blah blah blah

uh i wanted to DC so bad

Another reason why i chose console copy instead of for my pc.


Everything on PC these days has a hack ready to go day 1 or even during the beta sadly. Its why I never play anything competitive on PC as it is an exercise in frustration.


Every PC game has that problem. It’s just too difficult to prevent. The game client HAS to know where enemy players are to display them on the screen. That information really can’t be hidden from hackers. The best they can really do is to try and detect cheaters.

Ow does have a straighaway lifetime ban for any cheaters. Its harsh but I think its pretty admirable.


Indeed. Hopefully they have a good appeals system too if they’re going that route.

if the devs do add a way we can re watch the match afterwards which i heard is something possible to happen, we can rewatch a marques and there inhuman tracking and that can be super easy to report.

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More games need to follow that route of perma bans right from the start. Just look the division. They were handing out a mere slap on the wrist for the rampant hacking that was going on there before they finally realised that over half the player base had quit on PC. Now they have a two week ban in place for a first time offense then a perma ban if your caught again. Honestly I think it should always be instant perma bans for all games since cheating/hacking is becoming so rampant. I know xbox live will perma ban your entire account of they detect modded files.


As a division player I know how horrid that was. The console exploits were just as horrid and still kinda are. OW and blizzards ban policy is great imo, more companies really need to just go “one and done” to weed out the game killers. Mostly cause it hurts the community as a whole.

Perma ban first offense is always fine by me.

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The hacks is not “only” on BB/overwatch, seems the aimhack is for almost every fps out there… seems that the only way to control this are strong and quick bans.

Im really sad, cause I always like the pc, and played on it… but this is making me think about the future of any game of this kind (FPS) on it…

Funny then, that PC has the most active competitive scene. (Besides Fighters, consoles have and I expect will always dominate that.)

Are there any console games besides fighters that have a competitive scene? Just curious, can’t think of one. (Smash is a fighter, just an FYI)

Halo I believe has a pretty sizeable competitive scene.

I have not yet come across any cheaters for heroes and generals either

Halo has never had a competitive scene, besides Halo CE which was on PC, and that didn’t last very long, nor did it become “Sizeable”, it was a console shooter, first and foremost. I never heard of Halo Tournaments or professional Halo teams, ect.

Okay… Well I’ve heard of them and my best friend has competed in money tournaments… so…

If only someone would invent some sort of engine which would allow us to search out this sort of information. :wink:

It’s a close knit competitive scene not highly advertised possibly explains why not many people know about it

i will vouch for halo tournaments. i been in some

my favorite one with at E3 05 :smiley:

Lets see halo 5 has had at least 2 major world series tornaments since it released.

Battleborn aimbotters come from using Unreal Engine, so all hackers had to do was adapt their code.
Overwatch aimbotters come from being a Blizzard game which will attract players and attention. There already were wallhackers during the closed beta of OW. All Blizzard games have been suffering to some extent from botting, and they only barely fought them, mostly to calm people down.

I’m curious how well Gearbox will answer that issue…

To combat it you need a system similar to what they have in counterstrike where you can have expert level players review game footage for suspected cheating. Considering Battleborn doesn’t even have a report for AFK button I’d say that’s a long shot atm.