Seems Same Crashing Mid Game still Happens on Series X


Used to see some weird occurrences of crashing on One X. Such as just out of no where xbox would freeze and crash then have to manually reboot. Other items such as this seem to still be an issue even with the new Series X. So it seems it wasn’t the One X have issues more than Borderlands 3 causing the issue.

Will try to replicate these issues and update as they come along.


Further strange coming from crashes. Rebooting BL3 all the Final Form DCL’s are gone from characters even though installed. This could be some of the same issue others are seeing with upgrades from One X to Series X but I am not sure. Just know that everything was fine until further crashes.

I have to reinstall the DLC skins again to get them to work… This is turning out to be a mess.

Final Form DLC’s skins are in fact screwing the game up and breaking other DLCs again. Uninstalling DLC skins and waiting for a fix on this part.

Will continue to report weird crashes as they happen.


Sorry you are having the same problems with your new console as we continue to have with the old generation. Goes to show that it isn’t “the console” that is causing the problem even though we all know it never was considering most likely this is the only game that crashes your Xbox, at least that is the case for me.

GBX had over a year now to fix this and for awhile seemed that those of us that had the game over a year were most likely beta testing for the next generation, seems that wasn’t the case. I know I said awhile ago there was no way I would play this game on a new console and risk bricking it. Good luck with finding a solution or having it resolved by GBX.


I am still experimenting as I go along.

The positive, the game runs better, its smoother and when all is well, there is a big improvement with overall play and even co-op.

The issue with the Skins DLC, is a bit burdensome. Seems many are having issues when they are installed the game just ends up crapping itself and then you cannot access the old DLC’s unless the skins are removed. But outside that I have yet to see a crash so far playing Solo again and with someone joining me. So maybe the crashing I noticed before was specific to the skins DLC.

Later tonight I am going to join others games and see what happens. Here is where I really am curious as with my One X, the game would just crash, I would go back into the game and then would not be able to join other players with out a total system shutdown. I am hoping this is resolved with the new gen console.

Overall, its better, but still issues that I would hope not arise. But so far after removing those skins I have not noticed much, we will see over the next few days what happens.

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Well I appreciate you taking the time to let us know how it is going overall. I am curious how it will work out with the multiplayer because that is where I had the most problems. My Xbox One X will crash 100% when attempting to accept a invite or attempt to join someone else’s game.

When mine crashes with single player the most is when I would go to a new area or attempt to fast travel.

Keep us updated.


I’m following this post because I recently bought the Super Deluxe edition on Xbox Series X and experienced several (hard) crashes during co-op and split-screen play. Mostly during loading screens. I’m now re-installing the game as we speak and try to follow your steps by not downloading the Final Form skins. Have you experienced any crashes since?

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I have seen a crash or two randomly while in game on Single Player runs. This seems to be a little typical with not only BL3 but some other games. It’s the whole game freezes, you get the lovely repetitive noise and back to dashboard. For me this has happened much less than on the One X version and console.

As for COOP, I have not had any crashes outside one above while someone was in my game. Again was random.

However, I honestly have not been able to get someone else to host a game and actually attempt to play in someone else’s long enough to see if the old issues still are there as before. For example, on One X Sometimes when joining a game the whole system would crash and shutdown. Then I would not be able to join that persons game for some time for a few hours even after and they would have to join me. Still trying to test this, but timing has been a bit of a pain.

For me, the game does run much better, I do get some crashes, but I wouldn’t say it’s something anywhere near as before and other games I have at times do it also. It’s hard to repeat and find a direct cause. But so far here is what I did to get where I am at today if it helped at all or helps you:

  • I made sure to have a fresh install/reinstall.
  • I do not have the final form packs right now. I’m going to add them again and see if anything was corrected.
  • I have seen maybe 1 or 2 crashes since reinstall and that and it’s been very random and a non issue really.
  • COOP wise, I usually host of playing (this is advised if you are the only one with a Series X/S) so on my end it’s been pretty well. But, I haven’t had enough time to test the other way around joining games. So far the ones I did weren’t bad on my end but I also know the COOP crashes were random and would totally shut down my One X. Haven’t seen it yet on Series X.

Hope that helps. But please post your experience as a comparison. I am curious.

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Playing on the XB1X I would crash anytime I attempted to join a persons game or if I attempt to enter via a player invite. These would completely power off the console. Half the time it would crash when going from one location to another, it would crash at the load screen.

I would run alright for a little while in single player but would still crash, at times the screen would be off but I could still hear sound.

I went through the hurdles of the trouble ticket system and nothing worked. 2k acknowledged the issue and said they are aware of it but that was awhile ago and here we are still with a faulty game. If only GBX put as much effort into fixing their game as they do paid content.


For some reason I can’t quite understand I had a thought pop into my head just now. “I wonder if the bl3 crashing one x thing is fixed”, I thought.

I pull the forum up after not paying any attention for months and see that not only is the issue not fixed but it has carried forward to the next generation of consoles!

Holy hell GB, just holy hell. Really nice job.

I’ll go back to not paying attention. Keep up the good fight patbateman72!


Yeah, I had that similar issue on One X and ends up being quite the annoyance to where for some it just makes the game unplayable if you are the best option to be a host or want to play with others in their games.

I cannot 100% say this issue is current with Series X and the newer X/S version of BL. As I said above, I am having issues finding a game with someone that will let me play/test with them, but working on it.

I am curious though if that total reset is more or less of a thing on the Series X/S. I am attempting to test these scenarios:

  1. Host - Series X/S Joined by Series X/S
  2. Host - Series X/S Joined by One X
  3. Host - Series X/S Joined by One S

#3 I have done numerous times, no issues on his end at all. This Game crashing to total reboot while joining seems to be strictly a One X issue, but not sure if carried over to Series X/S at all. I have really scoured the forums either. So curious how many or if people are still seeing this COOP issue more and more on the Series X/S.

I feel for others and myself that really have had to deal with the COOP reboots issue. I really want it to be resolved, and I think it should have been by now, but I am not going to go down that path of assumptions and just wish we got more communication on this specific issue. But I have seen this type of issue is other games such as Gear 5 had this issue a bit before. But I do think they corrected it. That being said, could just be so complex of a issue with One X that it wasn’t a simple solution or even doable… I don’t know.

That being said, it does much better on Series X (assume S also) than before. With minimal issues that for now I can accept as I have with other games. Still want the diligence to keep that going to correct more, which I see and Feel GB is doing, just would expect some of these Game breaking things to be corrected.

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Welp, Here some more of what I have noticed happens more than I would like.

While Hosting, especially in arms race, I do see few crashes here and there more than I would like while playing this. Its in all modes, but really notice it in AR. Basically you are fighting a group or that and all of a sudden crash, noise and have to force dashboard… I would say out of 10 runs of AR I have seen it 1 - 2 times in the middle of it.

Also seen a weird on where loading into Sanctuary, and all of a sudden I’m in dashboard and the game is gone haha.

Still a bit of issue, not game breaking but annoying.

Thank you for your reply.

After my last post I tried Singleplayer on Performance mode (and with FOV 100 instead of 110). Maybe this would prevent the game from crashing…not! After quite a long session I wanted to quit and go back to Sanctuary to save my progress. This loadscreen took me right back to dashboard. So Performance mode + FOV changes are not the workaround. In the meantime I have read so many bad experiences on basically all platforms that I decided to get a refund for the game. I don’t want to end up bricking my sweet Series X. Hopefully the game gets fixed (sweet dreams) soon because I freaking like the Borderlands games.

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So messing about more. I have noticed that once in a while, more in COOP, The game will just totally crash instantly into dashboard. No sounds no pause, just blank screen to dashboard. So far, I have noticed it much more in Arms Race than anything. So yeah, still issues with weird crashes.

Doesn’t happen all the time, but I would say out of running 10 games I do see it 1 or 2 times.

It’s just like the all locations trophy and the slab trophy, back to not registering on next gen.

Hi All! I play on XsX. Game crashed happened once in the Arms Race. In CoD this happens all the time. But I didn’t expect to see that in this game… Next gen…, next gen…

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