Self-Destruct and Ult-ing

So here’s a question:

Does anyone know how to self-destruct Berg? I know he explodes when you teleport back to the base, but is that the only way?

Secondly, I was wondering what you guys thought about Toby’s Ult. I am convinced it is way too underpowered. 120 damage a second over 6 seconds is 720 damage if you hit the enemy consistently with the entirety of the beam. Not only that, but part of his lore requires 10 double kills with the beam. Even the weakest of characters have 800+ health. He needs a significant upgrade, in my opinion.

What is your opinion?

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weaken the enemy with other attacks before you use your ultimate on them. It isn’t intended to take annihilate them at full strength. Look at other ultimates and you will see they are in a similar damage range.

To get a double kill with an Ult., you need to do roughly 2500 damage outside of that, then queue the Ult. to begin, wait a second for it to initiate, and then hit 2 people consistently enough with the beam for it to kill them. That is an obscene amount of buildup for that to happen.

Edit: Forgot to mention here that his exclusive taunt is locked behind a lore challenge that requires 10 double kills to be done with his Ult.

Yes, but you aren’t the only person on the team. I don’t think you are expected to 2v1 people. I think it would make sense to practice getting one person down until you have a feel for when you can get a KO, then start working on getting multiples.

Upon reading into the character lore on the battleborn website you’ll find that the self-destruct mechanism is activated when you die. That being said, the best place for you to complete the challenge would probably be story missions