Self Hitting: Does it break the 4th wall?

This might already have been answered, what with the game being so old now. I know Krieg has multiple personalities, but when he hits himself do you think he’s actually hitting YOU? Self hit chains seem to occur when spamming melee, perhaps it’s a “stop doing that” at the player rather than at one of Krieg’s personalities?

No. Krieg has two distinct personalities: his dominant psycho one, and a more reserved, clear-headed one that could be who he was before the experiments. When he hits himself in the head, the psycho personality is telling the calm personality to leave him alone. Gaige is the only VH who breaks the fourth wall: “you’re breaking the game, dude!”

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I’d say no to the last statement, as he does break it with clear references
to being in a game: “see the numbers, taste the violence” and “too many
icons” for example refer literally to the skill trees and the weapon cards.

I agree on the hitting himself with you @Gulfwulf but it is a very
interesting theory nonetheless @Vinterbris ^^ well thought!

That’s cool, was just curious!

I think my mind gets carried away when i’m playing Borderlands :smiley:

Actually, there are times when all of the characters kinda break the fourth wall, start speaking to the player and hint at the fact they are in a game. Specially when you leave them idle for too long.

Everyone has comments about the skill tree that breaks the 4th wall, Krieg is not special in that regard.

Sal: So much awesome, so few skill points

Maya: everything looks so good

Gaige: numbers numbers numbers maths maths maths

And so on…

I stand (or sit) corrected. I forgot about those other voice lines, but I knew Krieg wasn’t doing so in the context of the question. :dukecigar:

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When it comes to comparing things in the inventory, Sal has some dialogue as well. And all the characters have dialogue specifically for when the controls are idle. I like Maya’s lines the best!

My favourite 4th-wall breaking is actually in Battleborn though - ISIC has a great line when you’re heading down through the map on The Algorithm.