Self-imposed challenges to spice it up a bit?


The I like pain challenge after finishing 8 chapters last night is more I like having fun challenge. So I may need to go back to the drawing board on that and tweak the criteria and such.

I usually am not either, which is why if the challenge is too tough to the point of excessive frustration I abandon it. :cowboy_hat_face: Which is exactly what I did with a Krieg+Bandit gear only challenge earlier this year.

It’s all good. I’m not discussing anything specific here as to not violate the rules, hence “gameplay changes” as the only descriptor–which could technically mean anything. If anyone is interested in details they can message me privately and or visit my forum which has the details laid out. Thanks for the heads up. :+1:

I don’t have online/gaming friends or do multiplayer so this fits me perfectly. :+1:

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Did you abandon that? Piece of cake! Once I’m done with farmer zero I’ll get on it!


Yea, I abandoned that Bandit only challenge pretty quickly back in May this year. I had never used Krieg before so I was a huge disadvantage. By the time I got to The Fridge I was 3-5 levels below everything and just not doing enough damage. Very frustrating.

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Here was the challenge details I assigned myself.

Challenge details:
Bandit branded weapon only challenge - aka The Bandit challenge

-The player can ONLY use Bandit branded weapons once the first one shows up.
-The player can ONLY use Bandit branded grenade mods, class mods and shields.
-All weapon rarity colors are permissible.
-All non-weapons rarity colors are permissible.
-Player must choose Psycho as their character class.
-Note: Player will not get a Bandit weapon from Claptrap’s cabinet in the beginning so you’ll need to use that first pistol until the VERY first Bandit branded weapon shows up and then you’ll be required to swap it out.
-Note 2: You won’t see a Bandit branded shield until a bit in to the game so you’re going without a shield until that time.

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Easy! :smiley: Just gotta get zero into an info stockade…

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I assume vendor items are allowed?


Not sure why it won’t let me quote the post above…

@Carlton_Slayer, Correct!!


The videos of the Farmer Challenge are here. It’s a 3 part series.

My ending gear is in this post. And at the bottom is a snapshot of my menu showing the $$, eridium and etc (though after I collected some from The Warrior).

What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!
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Ok so i’m close to maybe starting a new character, although Krieg Klaus is still in progress, not sure what to do…?

Edit: Decided to just start one. I mean I have 2 others on the go, one more won’t hurt. The rules for me are simple, No Jakobs, Maliwan or Torgue… I need to decide who to do this with… Maybe @Jefe can advise, he seems to enjoy me suffering :stuck_out_tongue:


Melee Zer0 :smiling_imp:

Tediore is bad enough on its own - that would make me suffer. (…mentally noting to start Tediore allegiance as soon as Bandit Zer0 finishes…)

Terrible skills only Gaige? or Maya?

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I was considering Gaige for it anyway purely because she’s my least used. Luckily 90% of her skills are terrible :joy: Maya would feel like cheating I guess. Gaige or Axton? I can’t do melee Zer0, it just doesn’t work for me.

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I could take Axton. Any other challenges aside from my banned manufacturers?

Jakob Torgwan is born.

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Yeah - only use Pointman COMs :stuck_out_tongue:

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No slag turrets. You’re starting from scratch, so maybe it doesn’t matter? You know Axton can rock Tediore reload tosses with his grenade damage buffs.

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Thought of a devastating new challenge:

The Mission Weapons ONLY challenge:

Yep - you heard it! Only weapons that are supplied as part of a mission may be used. Everything else is melee.

Shields/COMs/Relics are fair game though.

Could be fun/frustrating! :smiley:

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The only self-imposed challenge I have ever done is limiting myself to Jakobs, but I have done that for so long the game feels easy otherwise.

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Had an idea for a challenge. Scavenger challenge, but the rule is you have to use any weapon that drops from enemies or comes from skag piles/bullymong piles. You have to use anything that drops, you can decide which of the currently equipped items they replace but that’s it.

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I might regret it, but i’m going to do this… :smiley: