Self-imposed challenges to spice it up a bit?

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #103

Ok, as I said above i’m going to run the “I Like Pain” challenge. Meet Barry Sloth…

Can’t drop the relic so i’ll sell it in Liars Berg. This should be fun! :rofl:

What did you do in your most recent session, PT2!
(Jakobs, now and forever.) #104

Here is one I was going to do before losing interest in Borderlands 2: The Gunslinger Challenge.

  • Can either A) Only use Jakobs pistols or B) Use Gibbed Save Editor to level up a single gun.

  • Can only use a single gun.

  • The Maggie is prohibited.

  • Grenades, shields, relics, and class mods can be used.

  • Usage of Action Skills is perfectly fine.

  • If you die, you lose. You have to start all over.

  • The challenge starts when you first receive your first Jakobs pistol and only ends upon reaching level 72.

  • If not leveling up a single weapon, you cannot use equipment from another character. All pistols must then be drops, quest rewards, or from the vendor.

There was another I was going to do for videos but was only for areas instead of the entire game: The One Gun Run challenge.

Same rules as above, but instead of being limited to pistols, it is being limited to a single firearm. Obviously, you have to use the ‘magic wand’ in order to achieve this, or you can simply limit to yourself by weapon category and manufacturer. An example would be only using Jakobs sniper rifles and nothing else.

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #105

Man, if I could only choose one weapon in the entire game, I keep leaning towards like the Hail or the Heartbreaker… a single piece of Jakobs gear? Probably the Striker… I love me some Jakobs sniper rifles, but some missions just don’t do well with them (where a shotgun or even an AR would fit the bill better for me). The Unforgiven or some other beast of a revolver though… :thinking:

(Jakobs, now and forever.) #106

I cleared out Sawtooth Cauldron with nothing but the Unforgiven at level 72. That was a hairy experience. I never did go back at OP8 and do the same thing. I do remember having to sucker the threshers into fighting the bandits in order to have a chance at taking out the threshers.

Would also have to say no Unofficial Community Patch as well. That buffs up Jakobs to the point it is plausible to go through the game with nothing but a single Jakobs firearm. I used the Unforgiven for probably…I’d say 70-80% of the time with Maya using the UCP before swapping over to the Elephant Gun.

(Meat Bicycle World Champion!) #107

Single gun only? SLAGGA! :smiley:

Play as Maya, reach level 16, WIN!