Self-Terror Anointments not practical for Zane?

So far as I know, there are only 2 Anointments which create Terror yourself (for use after the event is over); ;action skill end creates every 5s for 18s’ and ‘melee has a 25% to create Terror’. Been doing a lot of reading about builds & theorycrafting lately, so I can think of exactly 2 ways to use Terror after the event; Cryo nova always exploding Digi Clone (action skill end), and giving your Clone the Face Puncher shotgun (melee terror). Seems like Terror will be extraordinarily niche for all Hunters, but I main Zane, so I wanted to hear your thoughts.

Self-terror anointments are most practical for Zane.

Find one that works on the end of action skill, equip Dopplebanger and use it, presto.

You already deduced the DDFP one too, it’s permanent terror basically if you keep your clone alive. Even if you don’t, the CD is super short.

The biggest issue I find is that Zane is very dependent on Crits and Terror hurts your accuracy and handling.

But it’s still fun either way.

The Screams of Terror shield might allow for s crazy, mind controller Zane build if combined with infiltrator and some way to get terror.

What exactly does Scream do other than the Nova?

I haven’t found one yet either, please elaborate.

Real question is, is sacrificing your clone for terror worth your while? It obviously depends on your build but I feel like unless you are running CCC you shouldn’t be giving up on an action skill that comes with a 28 second cooldown and usually benefits from having the duration increased.
But that’s always the issue with Zane, he just doesn’t have the throwaway style of action skill you have with Amara or Fl4k (at least when using Rakk attack) so you generally don’t benefit as much from action skill end anointments compared to those that work when your action skill is active.
Kind of seems like a missed opportunity though that there’s nothing that lets you gain terror with kills during your action skill or something like that.
But yeah, arguably the face Puncher would be the best one because it doesn’t require you to run a specific build and doesn’t waste your cooldowns.

It is absolutely worth my while.

You should just try one of the/my Doppleganger builds, it is a completely different world.

Also Zane does have an action skill build and several of them.

I think grenade that gives you terror every 5 secs, plus shield that regens ammo based on having terror plus a lucians call means you can fire infinitely without reloading

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Scream of Terror, when it nova’s while you are terrorfied, hit enemies turn into allies for 10 seconds I’ve been told. The Fearmonger and Stalker guns from the event shoot more pellets based on terror and the Ghast Call spawns more seeking skulls.

A viable Terror playstyle is to have a grenade or be conscious of the weapon, with “apply terror after actionskill end” on it. Run it with shield so you know when it runs out and as soon as it does you send in the drone with “100% lifesteal on drone when terrified”

The lifesteal is pretty strong and you can have it on a shield. Add a weapon that does +50 cryo during drone or even better, bonus crit during terrified and you’ll be doing good damage (max terrified is about +90% critdamage)
And the terrified effect is about the same duration as base drone. And after the drone, you refresh the terror.

Also, guns with a terror anoint don’t get the terror debuff. So it’s worth it to go all in on terror if you do.

Zane can very easily keep Terror up. Get a grenade with “on action skill end, apply terror every 5s for 18 secs” This will build stacks of Terror on you from the time your action skill ends until the last stack is applied 15 seconds later. The stacks themselves last about 15 seconds. Every time your action skills end, you will have 30 seconds of terror.

If you spam the clone, without DoppleBanger, CCC, borrowed time or good misfortune and no action skill cooldowns, You will have terror 30 seconds out of every 43. (roughly 70% uptime)

If you use DoppleBanger, rotate two action skills (easier with barrier) and/or have action skill cooldowns , You can easily reach 100% terror uptime.

Why use terror? Because you can combine your grenade, shield and weapon.

I’ve seen grenades with “while terrified, gain increased damage and fire rate”. I’m not sure its possible, but I’d love to find a grenade with “while terrified, chance to fire extra projectile.”

I’ve seen shields with reflect, damage resistance, but I want to find one with “action skill end, apply terror”.

If you can keep 100% uptime with your shield, then you can have 2 damage boosts from your grenade and weapon.

My biggest issue… I’ve heard that guns with the terror anoint do not get the terror debuff. I do not know where this is coming from, but I spent 6 hours farming a one pump chump with 4200 damage and +50% bonus cryo damage while terrified (also got a 3800 damage with extra projectile chance) and it suffered accuracy loss while terrified. I was deeply saddened.

EDIT - I’m just now reading that the crosshair is a visual bug.

Interestingly, apparently the +damage terror anoints apply universally if they’re on your shield or grenade. So if you have +50% cryo while terrified on your shield/grenade, it applies to melee, grenades, and any weapon you equip. Which…is very strong. Same goes for the damage/firerate, extra projectile, and the like.

I have been using the Action Skill end effect to trigger it, for most mobbing situations where I can keep the skills up the extra terror would be cool but the accuracy is better IMO. Also, Zane has enough affects on screen as it is, going full terror is just blinding.

In bosses is where I got most use of self terror, since the crits are not as effective without the power to freeze and keeping the barrier/clone/drone going is impractical, I might as well get the extra benefits from terror.