Selfless or Not

When I play I enjoy playing as Oscar Mike, Toby, Marquis, or Ghalt. But when I notice my team has no Miko then I become Miko. It gives us a distinct advantage against a team without. Yesterday I was playing with two guys quite new to the game a lvl 9 and 3, I didn’t know who they were I was simply teamed with them. They were playing as OM and Montana, and they were killed quite easily because they charged too hard ahead without much thought to retreat. I noticed this and gave them special attention. Suddenly their insane attacks became great pushes. We won that game. Any game I’ve played as Miko without the other team as Miko, I find I’m always on the winning team.

So really, am I being selfless in being the dedicated healer, abandoning playing my favorites? Or is it simply me being the character that can greatly tip the scales and give us an advantage?

P.S. Yesterday I had a great match where 3 of our team dropped but me(Miko)and a Thorn held out against a full five man team until 3 minutes when they finally won. I was amazed because they had a a 26, 4, 21, 20, and a 9 on their team. Those 20’s should have known better lol.

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I think you are the perfect example of a great teamplayer! :heart: A gamer who has a great sense of teamplay knows what to do to help at instinct, I guess thats you^^

I main Orendi and feel often bad that I focussed on her. I want to be usefull too, not just as DD. So my next goal is Master of Reyna and Miko. Helping my team through misions or matches is much more satisfiyng for me in general.