Sell the Duke rights now!

(Wesker500) #1

[quote]DualShockers: Is that also kind of a way that Duke could also come back in a new game of his? Is this a way for you guys to gauge interest in bringing him back for a new Duke Nukem game?

Vincent Slaven (Public Relations Manager, Gearbox Publishing): Not so much. It’s pretty much like Meredith said that we were trying to think of things we could add to give more value to the customer: Duke Nukem came about [in Bulletstorm] because they were so similar.

But, kind of in relation to your question, this Full Clip Edition is more or less a way to do that — because People Can Fly own the rights to the franchise fully — and they want to do more with it. And so they are kind of like — because game development is so expensive — they want to put this out to see like “Do people still want Bulletstorm?” Is there like a different climate now that would be more receptive? And if it is, there is definitely, probably gonna be an option for a Bulletstorm 2 following this.

So it’s kind of not related but — Duke Nukem 2… no, but Bulletstorm 2, I think: maybe.[/quote]

There we have it, confirmation that Duke Nukem is as good as dead in the hands of Gearbox.

Duke needs to get as far away from Gearbox as possible. Either Gearbox does the franchise a favor and rid Duke of their presence by selling it to someone who will do good by the franchise(Devolver Digital would be my pick) or Duke fans will just have to do what they do best, Wait.
Gearbox is likely gonna continue becoming the most hated company in gaming, gamers will stop buying their games, they’ll die and Duke will be auctioned off to someone who is guaranteed to do better.

(Ramblinboy) #2

Gearbox, if you’re reading this, I was planning on buying this to support Duke. Now I won’t because of this interview. Please remember what made Duke great and simply improve it. If you don’t understand, sell the rights please. If this does not sell well, it isn’t because of Duke, it’s because he has been misunderstood as a character and mishandled.

(Wesker500) #3

Before Gearbox got full control of Duke:

  • Duke Nukem 1, 2 and Manhattan Project were legally available digitally for reasonable prices after years of being hard to find.
  • Duke Nukem 3D being available on Steam with all hard to find expansions at a reasonable price and even had the DOS version.
  • Time to Kill, Land of the Babes and Zero Hour were confirmed to be in the process of being made available.
  • Brand New Duke Nukem game in the making.

After Gearbox got full control of Duke:

  • Duke 1, 2, Manhattan Project and Duke 3D’s expansions are no longer available and are once again hard to find.
  • The only legally available version of Duke3D is the lazily done, censored and disgustingly overpriced World Tour version.
  • Shut down fan projects.
  • Shut down full games.
  • Only legally available Duke games are World Tour and Forever.
  • Lazily done Duke add on in disgustingly overpriced Bulletstorm remaster.

Gearbox are without a shadow of doubt the worst thing to ever happen to the franchise, there is no argument.

(Not a Lizard Person ) #4

Hey all,

We saw some of you were concerned about the future of Duke based on the above article, and we’d like to address that.

This quote got taken a little out of context. The question was about if we were including Duke Nukem in Bulletstorm as a way to gauge whether people want a Duke Nukem sequel or not. And as stated, the reason we added Duke in was to bring more value to the customer buying Full Clip Edition. It wasn’t done as a way to see if a Duke sequel would be something people wanted.

Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is definitely a way for People Can Fly to see if fans are interested in the future of Bulletstorm. As for the future of Duke, that’s still open, and we don’t have anything to share right now on the subject.

Thanks for your time!

(Ramblinboy) #5

Thanks for taking time to respond, MereAtGBX. Most want Duke back, and I truly hope Gearbox’s latest activity sparks even more interest. Since Duke fans have waited years for any news on a better outing since DNF, reading this was a blow to many of us, but good to hear that the future is open - what would make it even better is Gearbox saying “Yes, Duke will be back.” I hope that day comes soon.

(Wesker500) #6

I want to believe.

By the way, Slipgate Studios is pretty much just the bankrupt Interceptor Entertainment(Rise of the Triad, Bombshell, Rad Rodgers).

(Damien Azreal) #7

I would rather GBX work out a deal with People Can Fly to helm the next Duke title.
While I enjoyed Rad Rodgers, as a simple platformer, I found RotT and Bombshell annoying, tedious and mindlessly stagnant.

It’s obvious GBX have plans for Duke, beyond what they are currently doing. They’ve said over the past few years that they have an “idea” of a story and direction to take the character.
And, more recently, that they were looking for a talented studio to hire to handle development of the project.

It would be a bit foolish to assume GBX are not going to do anything with Duke simply because there’s been no big announcement or new game.

I know there’s this idea floating around that certain people (a certain studio) should make the next Duke because… reasons. And that seems to be about it.
I have no ill-will against Interceptor/Slipgate. But, their big claim on this is “We love Duke, we played a lot of Duke when we were young”… and so did damn near everyone else in the industry.
Personally, if GBX are going to bring Duke back… I feel it should be with a bang. From an experienced studio, a group that knows more about creating and delivering a solid product.

People like to say that I’m against them doing it because I hate them. Which is incredibly inaccurate. I don’t “hate” anyone at Interceptor (or whatever they want to call themselves now).
Yes, I disliked RotT… but, I hated the original as well. I found the original 1993 game a jumbled mess or ideas that didn’t go together, poorly paced and kind of tedious at times.
Bombshell… one, I hate top down shooters. Two, the game’s overly buggy, unfinished state at release killed it. And I really didn’t like the writing or sense of humor in the game.

But, if they make a solid title, one I enjoyed… I would openly admit it without hesitation. As such, I liked Rad Rodgers. And I’m interested to see where it goes. It’s not perfect, needs work… but… it’s good. And it’s the simplest thing they’ve done.
As a studio I feel they more time, smaller projects, to really develop their skills, before jumping into larger projects like what the next Duke Nukem game should be.

In a dream world, GBX would hire Flying Wild Hog. But, since they are with Devolver Digital and working on their own things, I’ll gladly take the second best option. People Can Fly.

(Wesker500) #8

Thing is I don’t believe they are going to be doing the next “big” Duke game.

A big sudden AAA Duke main series entry is pretty much confirmed to not be happening any time soon at this point as Randy has already said Duke is not good business and is only doing the current Duke efforts out of love.
(It’ll take a lot to convince me that Randy actually loves Duke because all Gearbox Duke efforts have failed to understand the character and have just made relations with the Duke community even worse)

But what Gearbox MAY be doing here based on Duke’s Bulletstorm Tour and Slipgate possibly getting a chance at a smaller Duke game is actually something I agree with.
In the HUGE time gap between Duke3D and Forever we had all those “middle market” Duke spin offs done by multiple different studios to keep fans happy until Duke’s big return.
Doing that again is something I’m fully on board with.
I mean Duke3D got those expansions done by Sunstorm and they also did Manhattan Project while N-Space did TTK and LOTBs while Eurocom did Zero Hour.

Duke’s next game doesn’t have to a massive AAA risk, Gearbox just had one massive failure in Battleborn so I doubt they’ll be taking a huge risk with Duke yet.

But some small to medium sized Duke adventures done by other studios for fans is something I fully support.
I’d be fully on board with Slipgate and PCF doing some Duke spin offs.

Though one thing Gearbox seriously has to do first is either have a big long talk with whomever the hell is in charge of marketing and pricing or just fire them on the spot, cause they are a big reason to why so many people are getting angry at Gearbox every day.

(Damien Azreal) #9

Nowhere has Randy said they are not open to another big Duke Nukem game, or main entry.

He’s said, in regards to working with Interceptor, he would be open to working with them (Interceptor) on a smaller, side scroller project.
That is not shutting the door on a future, AAA, main entry Duke Nukem title.
That is Randy saying if they work with Interceptor/Slipgate… it would be on a smaller scale project.

You are making jumps based on comments made towards side projects and ignoring Randy’s past comments about how they had already started early planning work on Duke’s next main entry and were looking for a talented, experienced studio to handle development.

Interceptor/Slipgate does not have the experience to handle such a project.

(Jan S.) #10

There is a LOT going on with Gearbox.
Next Borderlands, Brothers in Arms and other possible unannounced titles. Give it time, I’m sure there will be something for Duke Nukem fans :slight_smile:

(Wesker500) #11

No Slipgate doesn’t have the experience needed for a big AAA Duke game, but a smaller Duke side scroller, I can see them pulling that off, which seems to be what they’re pushing for anyway.

Neither Slipgate, nor Gearbox and not even Flying Wild Hog should be making the next big Duke game, Slipgate don’t have the experience, Gearbox is Gearbox and FWH just don’t have the backbone in my opinion.

People Can Fly however may be able to pull it off.

But as for a new AAA Duke game even happening, I won’t believe it’ll happen until someone at Gearbox comes out and flat out confirms a new main series Duke game is being made.
Gearbox and Randy can not be taken at their word anymore.

(Damien Azreal) #12

Any reason you feel FWH couldn’t do it?
As, IMO, they are one of the best options out there for it. They’ve delivered three solid, great looking, fun and entertaining, fast paced shooters.
And while Shadow Warrior 2 wasn’t as good as the 2013 reboot, it was still a blast. And one they are constantly updating with free new content and tweaks and fixes.

FWH did with Shadow Warrior what needed to be done. They made Lo Wang more then a one note dick joke.
And, that’s kind of what needs to happen to Duke. He needs to evolve past that old character of one liner, movie references.
Mostly, they need to go back to the DN3D style and stop trying to make him funny. Duke wasn’t funny in DN3D. He was slightly sarcastic, but, the game wasn’t outright trying to be a “LOL!!!” game.

And, even then, People Can Fly… if they approach a Duke game as they did BulletStorm people might still be upset.
As Grayson goes through a lot of emotional growth over the game.
He’s not a one note character who just cusses and kicks ass. He cares for the people around him, feels bad for what’s he done… and grows and actually changes over time.
It’s partially why Duke feels so out of place in BulletStorm. The current way of writing Duke doesn’t fit with what is actually an emotional story.

(Wesker500) #13

I don’t think FWH should do the next “main” Duke game because they’re just too soft for the politically incorrect Duke Nukem, so is Gearbox for that matter.
They refused to include any of the politically incorrect content that the original Shadow Warrior was known for and while I liked new Lo Wang at first, him trying to be funny every time he talked got old really quick in SW2, if they can’t make one politically incorrect character work, I highly doubt they’ll have the spine for the character that makes Sarkessian worshipers go nuclear.
And yeah FWH makes fun shooters, but I don’t think they can nail the kind of Duke gameplay we want for the next main Duke.
Duke going from small arena to small arena with loads of enemies ambushing him and ganging up on him is not what I want for Duke Nukem 5, but I’d be cool with that for another spin off.

The Doom 4 treatment is what I agree with most, but it needs to not just be a Duke paint job, but a Duke tweak as well, if you get what I mean, Duke 5s gameplay should pretty much be Doom 4 but with Duke’s intelligent multiple path level design, exploration and loads of interactivity, but rather than locking Duke in a well designed room and facing waves of enemies in a projectile based battle, it should be Duke progressing through the levels fighting the pre placed enemies, like DN3D and classic Doom.

As for Duke himself, I believe he should go back to being his “Action Hero” self instead of this “Douche/Parody/LOLs” version.
A good way I can describe it is to look at the Duke in the live action Bulletstorm ads and then go back to the Zero Hour live action ad, they’re too very different Duke’s and I want that Duke I saw in the Zero Hour ad back. Zero Hour Duke pretty much expressed the entire character without saying a word and only having one movement.
That Duke is more of an action hero who has some grit to him, but he’s still fun and charismatic enough for jokes.

But the problem is that Gearbox is instead going with Duke kinda like how Arnold was in the Expendables 3, back in the 90s Arnold was the “Action Hero” who was the serious and gritty hero but still had his fun side for memorable lines, but in Expendables 3 he’s pretty much a parody of himself, just letting out his oneliners to wink at the audience.
Back in the 90s Duke was a serious and gritty action hero but still had his fun side for some memorable lines, adult themes and adult content.
But now Gearbox has been focused on making Duke a parody of himself, focusing on the adult content, the humor and Duke always trying to be funny(like Lo Wang in SW2).

Gearbox & FWH will likely continue to push Duke in his always trying to be funny direction, but that’s all FWH has proven they can do so far and Gearbox has no idea how to do Duke.

I don’t really know who could pull off a main series Duke game and get it right, cause there’s no character like Duke in AAA gaming right now which makes him really unique, I just hope whoever does it is able to see that he’s an Action Hero with a fun side and not some douche who thinks he’s so awesome.

(Damien Azreal) #14

To each his own.
Personally, I feel FWH made the right decision by ignoring the “politically incorrect” path. Lo Wang showed growth in the 2013 reboot, starting as a selfish jerk and eventually caring for Hoji and his past.
It added depth to a character who was once nothing but a series of bad dick jokes and tired Asian parodies.

Making something politically incorrect doesn’t make it good or funny, and more often then not makes it feel childish and like a lame attempt at trying to be edgy.
Duke needs more like Lo Wang did. Duke needs to be a person, not a caricature of 80s action movie tropes. And it’s possible to make him a person without ruining him.
But, 3DR, Triptych and most got it in their head that Duke needs to be funny. That a new Duke Nukem game needs to be funny.
And, by association a lot of people feel DN needs to be edgy, push the boundaries of whats acceptable, or… politically incorrect. Which, I don’t agree with.

The next Duke game needs to tell a solid story, have great gameplay… and add depth to a character who, at the moment, has none. I love Duke Nukem games, but, I was excited for DNF originally because George made comments about how it was a serious story, that would show Duke’s motivations and emotion.
Only for that to be yanked out in favor of multiple pop culture references and “OH SO FUNNY!!”.

And, DOOM has been my favorite game in recent years. Absolutely loved it. But, I’ve said before in another thread, I don’t want a Duke Nukem game like that.
Duke should have plenty of action, but, it doesn’t need to be as fast paced. And, DOOM does what Shadow Warrior 2013 did. It’s a room/arena to room/arena, wave of enemies shooter.

(Wesker500) #15

I don’t believe either of us are going to get the Duke we want with Gearbox involved, Randy just won’t accept any form of criticism at all.
He’s just tainted the relations with People Can Fly by blaming them for the whole G2A controversy, so I doubt they’re gonna wanna be involved with Gearbox again.

I would rather we have multiple mid tier spin off Duke games from multiple talented studios instead of the big main Duke game anytime soon, cause then it gives plenty of chances to experiment with the character and get his character right.

(Wesker500) #16

So yeah I watched a bit of a playthrough of Duke’s Bulletstorm Tour and I paused the playthrough in shock, disbelief and horror when I heard Duke utter the chilling words “Hashtag: Busy killing things!”.

I can’t take this anymore, the title of this thread still applies, Gearbox has got to go.

(Jan S.) #17

Probably Jon St. John should go too, since even through GBX made the script, he was free to edit it, improve or remove things. And he chose to put/leave it there and say it.

(Damien Azreal) #18

May get a lot of people angry with me…
But, I feel part of the problem with Duke these days is the voice.

Now, JSJ is iconic as Duke. A legend as the character. But, the voice does not lend itself to full on conversations. Duke always sounds… wrong… when talking with other people. No matter what he’s saying. It just doesn’t fit.

I’m actually of the opinion… completely revamp Duke. The way FWH revamped Lo Wang. They added depth and emotion to what was a tired one note dick joke.
I would love for someone to make Duke “more” then the 80s action movie ripoff he started off as and the pop-culture joke machine he’s turned into.

(Wesker500) #19

I’d rather never have a Duke Nukem game ever again than see Duke revamped like Lo Wang was.

Duke needs to go back to his action hero self, the persona that made him legendary in the first place, the Duke voice can do conversations just fine(See Zero Hour), but I don’t want him to do many conversations anyway, no one liked Duke because he was a well developed character, we liked him because he was a badass.
The problem with the Duke voice today is 100% the fault of Gearbox and their complete lack of understanding of the character.
Cause JSJ has proven he can still do the classic Duke voice fine as he’s done it in interviews when he’s referencing the time he created the voice with George Broussard, because back then George actually directed Jon cause he knew what voice he wanted for Duke.
JSJ confirmed himself that when he went to do the voice for DNF, World Tour and Bulletstorm, Gearbox gave him no direction at all, they just told him to do it as he liked and that has resulted in the voice loosing the grit and the charisma cause Jon is just reading from a script with no direction.

The problem with Duke today is, was and always will be Gearbox.

(Damien Azreal) #20

There are plenty of people who want to see Duke be more then just a “badass”. The desire to see Duke be an actual person has been there since DNF was announced.
It was a topic of discussion that came up on the 3DR forums constantly. With multitudes of people asking and begging for the story and Duke to be more serious.

Duke can be an “action hero” and be a fully developed character, a person that’s more then movie references and “babes”. And he needs to be.

Sorry to say, but you see blindly determined to simply hate anything GBX does with Duke because you have a preconceived notion in your head of the only thing Duke should be. Past, present or future.
If that’s how it is for you, fine, but understand and acknowledge that there are fans that want Duke to be more. To have that serious edge, that emotion and drive that George originally hinted at with DNF.
The style they were aiming for before, for some reason, 3DR got it in their head that Duke has to be funny. And yes, this was 3DR’s decision as it started years and years before the 2009 layoff, and GBX’s inclusion.