Sell us a Band!

I’ve been thinking a topic on this for awhile. We have a few threads discussing favorite artists or what you’re listening to, but I thought this would be an idea for more in depth discussion of bands and a better way to get your favorite band out there.

Basically the idea is the thread tittle - talk about your favorite band, why you like it, and provide some samples for people to try it out!

I’ll start off - my template doesn’t need to be replicated, I just felt this was the best way to get a good overview of the band in question.

The Band: Electric Six

The Genre: Alt Rock (heavy influences from Funk and Techno)

Recommended if you like: The Offspring, Turbonegro, or anything with a fast beat and irreverent lyrics, with occasional mad philosophy. Or if you like Funk, apparently

2003 Fire
2005 Señor Smoke
2006 Switzerland
2007 I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master
2008 Flashy
2009 KILL
2010 Zodiac
2011 Heartbeats and Brainwaves
2013 Mustang
2014 Human Zoo
2015 Mimicry
2015 Bitch, Don’t Let Me Die!
2016 Roulette Stars of Metro Detroit
2016 Fresh Blood for Tired Vampyres
2017 You’re Welcome!
2017 How Dare You?
2018 A Very Electric SiXmas

Known For:
Their two most famous songs are probably off their debut album, Fire - Gay Bar and Danger! High Voltage.

Why I like Them: Honestly, my main draw with Electric Six are two of my musical staples - high tempo and odd lyrics. Most of their songs are very high energy and fun, and the lyrics range from complete nonsense for “dance” tracks (seen above) and wild swings on philosophy (particularly religion). I’ve been listening to them almost nonstop for a year and didn’t realize how much of them I haven’t heard of them until I posted the discography above. I’ve got some more to get through. They’re one of the few bands that can really pick me up in a Funk, and legend tells that they’re what Slipknot listens to before they head out on stage.

Favorite Albums and Songs:

Fire - they’re opening album has the two more famous songs above, but also some really odd beats like “I Invented the Night”, which to me appears to be a song about an abusive relationship from the side of the abuser which is… interesting if nothing else, and catchy as hell. As much love as I give “Gay Bar” and “Danger! High Voltage”, I think my favorite song on the album though is “I’m the Bomb”, which is probably their best defining song, combining the funk elements I describe above along with ridiculous lyrics that I must belt out at top volume any time it comes on, preferably whilst thrusting my hips. I’d also be remiss to not include “Electric Demons in Love”, which is one of my favorite weird love songs.

KILL - A close second on my album list, KILL is probably their “heaviest” album that I’ve listened to, but still gets very playful and is extremely varied in it’s music. Throughout the listing they manage to get a sound that ranges from Brendon Small’s metalocalypse work to Korn, to Tenacious D. My top tracks from this are the insane “Egyptian Cowboy” and hilarious “Escape from Ohio”. Another favorite here is “Steal Your Bones”, an oddly sad story of love and cloning.

I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master - “Exterminate” is a really weird showing, and might be the best “sampler” for E6, as it kind of bounces around their different wheelhouses. I’m a big fan of “Lenny Kravitz”, a cautionary tale of porno and excess, “Down at Mcdonnelzz” a cautionary tale of street gangs, music and late shifts at fast food eateries, and “When I get to the Green Building”, a weird take on death with imagary really only important to the artist.

Honorable Mentions:

Devil Nights -

Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart -

While Flashy and Senor Smoke are both pretty solid albums on their own, these two songs are probably my favorites from the two for radically different reasons. Devil Nights is an ear worm that refuses to get out of your head, and Watching Evil Empires Fall Apart is just a very well put together song about the dedication one person puts into their probably toxic relationship set to the tune of a conquering warlord.

So, what do you think of my pick and what band are you going to sell?


You missed Waste of Time and Money and The Band in Hell, I am much disappoint.

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I like both, but I was trying to restrict myself to three songs from my top three albums for the debut post. I think a good goal with this is an album length playlist that shows off the band in different sounds. Not that it’s required, but it seems about right to me. I ended up with 13, which I think shows off the band fairly well.

For the record, waste of time and money is probably in my top 5 on KILL, but that album has more songs that I like per capita than most. Band in Hell is solid, but I like quite a few more on Exterminate than that.

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Yeah, makes sense. As soon as I can remember music I like that’s from a band instead of from a videogame, I’ll try and drop a proper post here. But damn it’s hard. Seriously, DS3, Witcher 3, Skyrim… hot damn.

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The Band: Shinedown

The Genre: Rock, various styles

Recommended if you like: Black Stone Cherry. Breaking Benjamin. Hinder. Nickelback. Seether.

2003 “45”
2004 “Simple Man”
2005 “Save Me”
2006 "Lady So Divine"
2008 “Devour”
"Second Chance"
2009 “Sound of Madness”
"If You Only Knew"
2010 “What a Shame”
“The Crow & the Butterfly”
“Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)”
2012 “Bully” “Unity” "Enemies"
2013 “I’ll Follow You” (official video)
2013 “Adrenaline”
2014 “Through the Ghost”
2015 “Cut the Cord” “State of My Head”
2016 “Asking for It”
“How Did You Love”
2017 “I’ll Follow You” (alternate video)
“Black Cadillac”

Known For: This depends. There newest album is a lot different compared to there older albums. I’d say sound of madness(older album) or cut the cord(newer album) are there 2 most popular songs

Why i like them: My favorite thing about them is almost every song they have has a true meaning to it. Rarely do there songs have little to no real meaning. Another great thing about them, is there ability to not be confined to one kind of rock. They have hard rock, softer rock, there newest album contains what i would call pop rock, and other various kinds. Out of every song they have, I’ve only found a hand full of bad ones.

Favorite Albums and Songs: decided to pick two albums and 3 songs
The sound of madness is my favorite album. I can listen to the whole album, including the songs from the deluxe version without skipping any of them. This album includes song from various rock genres, so it’s a nice mix. There most widely known song “sound of madness” came from this album.

The Sound of Madness:

My favorite song is “what a shame” off of the sound of madness album. It has a really deep meaning if you think about it. One that everybody should listen to. It’s not a heavy song, so it had a wider audience that would like it, imo.

Other great songs include
Cut the cord: Another song with a powerful message behind it. It’s a song i send to people who need a “pick me up” or for anyone that i know that is dealing with something that the song relates to.

My 2nd favorite album:
Amaryllis includes some of there best songs. Bully, enemies, I’ll follow you, and I’m not alright. Not as widely known as the sound of madness of threat to survival(newest album), but if you enjoy shinedown you will love this album.


Another great song:
Sound of madness carries a message that a lot of people could really listen to. It speaks about people who think the world owes them something. A heavier song, but even if you don’t enjoy hard rock it’s worth a listen just for the meaning.

Final notes: the newest album threat to survival has fell to the curse of mainstream music. Don’t get me wrong over half the songs are fantastic, but you can really hear some songs that have began to pull away and become “mainstream”

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