Selling Away My Battleborn Is a Mistake?

I sold my Battleborn a few days ago and had no games since. I went on to look for games to play and my choices are (in no specific order):
-Diablo 3
-Dark Souls 3
-Destiny Taken King
-Borderlands Handsome Collection

Before battleborn, I sold the division after reaching lv 30. I left the game because the dark zone have so many flaws and the direction the ubisoft took only makes it worst. Threw that game away and never look back.

But battleborn is different. It is Gearbox! I know they are a great game company. Borderlands 2 was one of the best games I’ve ever played. But battleborn’s matchmaking is not in a good place right now. It has been a month and they haven’t hide the command ranks in pvp (which I think is an obvious problem). Anyway, I have decided I might be able to go back for it’s PVE for the meantime. I lag when playing with people from other regions but I guess I can live with that. And Ill try to make friends online to play coop with. But ultimately, I want to play PVP!

I have narrowed down my choices to Destiny vs Battleborn. Which should I choose? Please help me!

You could try finding other players in your region if the matchmaking is what’s keeping you from playing the game. I haven’t played Destiny but it seems alright, though much more of a twitch shooter than BB because the time to kill is relatively low. The PvE is even more shallow than Battleborn, but that doesn’t really matter if you’re looking for a PvP experience.

But ultimately people leaving because of low player base just makes the situation worse! We would love to keep you playing BB but I understand that if you can’t find matches there’s really nothing you can do - sitting in queue definitely doesn’t count as playing :pensive:

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Easy choice mate BB. And don’t know what platform you play. But plug in a mic when you go PvE public and say hello trough your mic and most of the times 1-3 people respond and have a chat with them in the mission this is a easy way to make new friends on this game. But make sure you let them know you have your mic on often they don’t say anything until 1 starts talking.

And hiding the command ranks isn’t necessary as a lot of people are high level now so people aren’t that afraid anymore when they see 3 100’s and 2 70+.

Destiny is a good game but the flow in destiny is different and I like to have a laugh and I notice that people that play BB are more relaxed and in destiny there are just more people that are way to serious in the game and if you mess up they call you out.


Hey thanks for the reply! Yeah I will try to find players from the same region. I guess BB’s PVE can keep me busy for some time right?

Yeah the low player base is worrying. But if Gearbox decide to do something like the Taken King expansion, they might be able to pull people in! I think a lot of people are on the fence just like me. But as of now (maybe i missed it) I haven’t heard them announce or even hint that they are planning any big changes.

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Hey thanks for the reply too! Oops. Ps4! Yeah I do plug in a mic. But I don’t speak first as you suggested haha:p I will intiate more next time!

Oh that does makes sense. But i heard of leavers still? There will always be leavers so Gearbox should put up a penalty system soon.

Hmm you know what, I might go back for that reason alone. I just want to relax and have fun too.

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Just curious what region are you playing in? I find games almost instantly with no problems any time of day

I am in Singapore. South East Asia!

Destiny is far to repetitive… and at its core… it’s just another shooter.
Battleborn offers something different, objective focused gameplay with characters that are extremely unique in both their personality and gameplay.

Battleborn is still new and therefore like all new pvp/pve hybrid games (especially one with a unique genre that really hasn’t been done before) has some obvious kinks to work-out, but in my opinion battleborn is most definitely a more rich gameplay experience.


U’re right! Just gotta stay positive huh!

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Well actually it still is necessary because we want/need new players joining in the Battleborn ranks correct? New players just getting the game should be gearboxs priority to help promote a healthy gaming environment with an expanding player base

New players seeing rank 100s can get intimidated easily and then blame the game if/when they get beat

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I can see how high player levels can be intimidating, though I don’t pay too much attention to it, as a level 46. I think an optional beginners playlist for people below level 14 would be a good idea.

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Something like that could work, I know CR doesn’t equal skill because someone could grind to 100 strictly by doing PVE and never stepping foot in PVP playlist

Although CR does equate to mutations/gear Loadouts tho

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And a super beginners playlist for levels 1-2, because of no gear.

It’s very possible that if you buy it back you’ll regret it. Right now you are thinking about the good aspects of Battleborn, but you sold the game for a reason.

I love BB, but that’s mainly because I get a decent connection to the servers. If I was lagging a lot I’d sell the game too and just wait for [Battlefield 1*] [* insert any game that you’re looking forward to here].

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No no! Right now BB need less playlists!

Yeah lag is a problem. I think I was quite rash in selling the game. It felt like Evolve all over again and I was really scared the same thing is happening in BB. But i forgot that the Evolve team dont care about their players, while Gearbox do care.

Haha I will eventually buy BB again! I’m just scared I will be disappointed in the end. I will read the forums every day till BB come up with something game changing.

Seems that your mind is made up. In that case: buy it back asap, so you can squeeze as much fun out of the game as possible (it’s a great game, but even I think this community isn’t going to last forever).

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Haha wait I am not ready to buy this game! Pve is not enough to sustain. I am more of a PVP guy and right now the player base is worrying. Nah I think the community will last. People who love BB will drive it and people who hate BB will eventually change their mind. Even me who is not playing the game but I am quite active on this forums haha.

And most people right now are being clingy girlfriends/boyfriends towards Gearbox (including me) - a few days of not texting back and we go crazy. Which shows we love Gearbox huh :heart:


The player base on PS4 is healthy just as the Xbox. PC is struggling. I have seen a lot of lower levels in the past few days. And I think the matchmaking is better as before because when we go in pre made we find often other premades if I go in solo I find a lot of solo peeps playing

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