Selling Legendaries


I now find myself with a bank full of legendaries, how do I work out which ones I should sell and which ones I should keep, just in case I have something that’s brilliant and am not aware.



Check out Top Gear threads, build threads for your class and use lootlemon to look stuff up

Sorry I don’t know what this means

No worries! Each class has a sub forum and in these you’ll find builds and top gear threads, e.g. Fl4k: Top Gear 4 Fl4k the Beastmaster (Community Guide) - WIP

And is a nice resource for equipment…

as a rule of thumb you can trash all weapons that are not anointed



… if you are trying to beat hardest content in the game on M4 or something like that. Probably not true even then.

There are plenty of blue and purple items I enjoy using. YMMV

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He is trying to make space and he specified legendary so… shrug

Right, but even then, by this rule of thumb you should keep a Lob/Woodblocker/ASMD/“any other quirky legendary” with “increase accuracy while sliding” anointment over vanilla Maggie, Cutsman, Transformer etc.

That’s probably not right. :wink:



Have you tried Adabiviak’s Refuse Service? We’ll take care of all your red-texted gear disposal needs. Just mail them to Adabiviak in Epic, and he’ll take care of the rest, no anointment necessary.


That’s not what it says at all. It doesn’t say “keep trash legendary”, just says, throw out non-anointed.

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see this is kinda what I wanted…don’t keep a Woodblocker, ASMD etc etc

Let me repeat: suggestion of “throw out any non-anointed legendaries” will lead you to keeping anointed Lob, no matter how stupid anointment is, never mind that no one found good use for Lob so far, and throwing out plain Maggie.

I disagree with this heuristic, that’s all.


Check out the trade forums section for what people are looking for. You might be able to free up some space that way. IDK what toon you are running so that would depend on what you should keep. Brainstormers & Cutsmens are excellent legendaries and anointed versions are prized. Banes, Tribolts, Lobs, Blockers get left on the floor for lost loot to scoop up.

How does throwing one thing out lead to keeping another thing when that isn’t a suggested rule of thumb to keep anything bad? Your logic doesn’t make any sense :confused: Says throw out all non-anointed, not ‘keep all anointed’ thats a big difference lol.

Appreciate there are some difference of opinion, please don’t turn the thread into an argument over who is right.

I just wanted some advice on what I should ditch and what should I keep of my legendaries.


This is just off the top of my head and my OPINION.

The op was looking for suggestions so here’s some quality guns that work for me and guns that don’t.

Keep: Cutsman, Maggie, Brainstormer, Lucian’s / Rowan’s Call, Recursion, Alchemist, Laser Sploder, Hive, Scourge

Toss: Vanquisher, Ripper, Krakatoa, ASMD, Bearcat, Infinity, Devoted, Tunguska, Lob, Sickle

There’s oh so much more but I see those guns in “toss” the most.

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If it isn’t annointed it isn’t worth keeping. As soon as you get annointed weapons that you like to use, versions without anointment become obsolete.

I agree with almost all of LLoyd’s list, but I keep Infinities.


This is really helpful - thank you

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